24 March, 2010
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Sorority Night at ROXIE, Thursday 25th March

24 March, 2010

ROXIE is one of our favourite night spots – our February Sassy Hour there was great, thanks to the super-girly cool decor and friendly bar staff. We were excited to hear about the launch of their new Sorority Nights every Thursday from 9pm – pass the initiation challenge by drinking 6 shots in under 1 minute and you’ll receive a ROXIE necklace which you can redeem for cheaper dreams on all future Sorority nights. Knowing ROXIE, the necklace is bound to be cute! Plus, this normally members-only club is open to non-member girls ONLY on Sorority nights (see below for how you can win a ROXIE membership!).

To get girls in the mood for Sorority Night, the ROXIE ice cream truck was out and about on Saturday night giving out free ice cream in Central. Did you spot it?

It’s time to say goodbye to boring old “Ladies Nights”, and hello to Sorority Night! We’ll definitely be up for taking the initiation challenge!

Sassy has a free ROXIE membership to give away to one lucky Sassy girl. This is a really amazing prize which comes with a whole host of benefits and perks for you and your friends to enjoy! To enter to win the membership, please email [email protected] and tell us about your favourite, or most memorable night out with your . girlfriends!

G/F 24-30 Ice House Street, Central
2810 9902

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