24 March, 2010

Designer Gowns hk

24 March, 2010

Both of the above pre- owned dresses are available at Designer Gowns hk

For most girls, a wedding is very much about the dress. We search months and months for the perfect one and wearing it on our special day feels amazing. The big question is, what do you do with your fab dress after the wedding? Many girls get it cleaned and tuck it away in a box for safe keeping and then there are others who pass (or sell) it on to someone else and give the dress a second trip down the aisle.

I got married two years ago and from the very beginning I knew that I would sell my dress after the wedding. I absolutely adored my ivory, trumpet gown but I didn’t have any emotional attachment to it, so it made sense to give it a second life and help make another girl’s day as beautiful as the dress had made mine.

There are a number of websites back in the US that specialize in selling pre-owned wedding dresses so shortly after my wedding I posted my dress at half the price and almost immediately had inquires about it. I ended up selling it to a girl who fell in love with it at a store but since the economy was so horrible there was no way she would have been able to afford it at retail price. The whole process was so simple. After the dress was cleaned, it was packed and sent off to her and she looked absolutely stunning in it – I made her promise to send me pics of her in the dress and they are now safely tucked away in the back of my wedding album.

Since I had such a great experience I was very excited to hear that there is a similar website (Designer Gowns hk) here in Hong Kong that specializes in connecting buyers & sellers of brand new and used wedding gowns, evening dresses and other accessories.  This site, which just recently launched, is great because not only does it focus on wedding dresses but it also sells evening and cocktail dresses.

I love this idea because I always want something “new” for a wedding or event that I go to and it can get very pricey. If I start selling the dresses I am no longer going to wear on this site I feel completely justified in going out and buying something new or pre-owned! The site is still young so you may need to give it some time to build up its inventory but this is where you come in – go clean out your closet and sell all those dresses that you no longer want so you can make room for some new ones!

Designer Gowns hk is also running a site survey so make sure you fill one out because 1 lucky girl will win a $500 cash coupon to Lane Crawford. To access the survey click here.

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