15 June, 2012

Sense Of Touch sparty – a gorgeous girlie get-together

15 June, 2012

Here at Sassy, we pride ourselves on being an accomplished bunch of hip, trendy and (in our eyes at least!) cool girls in the know. So when planning on of our blogger get-togethers, what could I possibly book that would be fun, impressive and worthy of our fantastic team? Luckily, the answer was no further than the South Side at Sense of Touch’s divine Repulse Bay outpost, tucked away in the top corner of the impressively colonial Repulse Bay Hotel. As well as offering their range of fantastic spa services, they have a wonderful little terrace out back with a divine pagoda just perfect for a “sparty”.

For the uninitiated amongst you, a sparty is a party held at a spa (duh!). There’s drinks, food and the chance for a good old girlie natter, whilst members of the group are discreetly led away for their dose of pampering. When you think of female focused celebrations in HK, one tends to think of embarrassingly clad hen parties stumbling their way down LKF, so the idea of planning a more civilised and sophisticated affair is a breath of fresh air! Perfectly designed for grown up hen parties, baby showers or wedding showers, we descended upon Sense of Touch creating our very own Sassy sparty. We brought our own drinks and snacks, although this can be arranged in-house if you want the lazier option, and settled in snugly to the beautiful outdoor pagoda. With wicker sofas, crisp white cushions and Middle Eastern-esque lanterns, we started to natter away and sip of some champers as only girls can. The location alone, regardless of the spa element, would be enough to tempt me here on a girlie night!

To hold your own sparty involves no surcharge; instead, Sense Of Touch requires a minimum spend of between $2,500 and $3,500 between a group of at least six guests, dependent on location. But as one of HK’s most highly reputed spas with some of the best treatments around, it shouldn’t be hard to tempt yourselves to spend! Our group opted for either manis, pedis or facials; those having a nail-focused evening all sat in a line continuing their chats with music in the background, whilst the facial girls emerged fresh-faced and praising the quality of their treatment, especially wowed by the effects given its relatively short duration. Once finished, we ambled our way back out to the patio to finish our food and drinks before leaving as the spa shut at 8pm.

Not to sound too self congratulatory but the Sassy Sparty was a raving success! Timings worked perfectly for us on a work night, but if you wanted longer to sparty your hearts out then you could book in on a weekend instead. My top tip is to either book the Repulse Bay spa with its patio or the LKF one with its lovely roof terrace, as both of these spaces make for a more memorable event with a touch of sparkle. The LKF roof does have time limitations though unless you pay a usage fee, so ask before booking.

We thought Sense of Touch’s sparties are an ideal answer to any female party-planning predicament. Top class treatments, fabulous environments and wonderful company, all topped off with a free bottle of wine and discount vouchers thrown in too. Is it bad that we want someone to get engaged just so we can throw them their wedding shower here? Too sad? OK, we’ll just book ourselves in for another sparty for no particular reason!

Sense of Touch Repulse Bay, G211, 1F The Repulse Bay Arcade, 109 Repulse Bay Road, Repulse Bay, Hong Kong, 2592 9668


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