14 June, 2012

Feminine inspiration at Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2012

14 June, 2012

There are clothes you wear everyday and then there are clothes that you walk past in a shop window, stop, gasp, then silently scream to yourself “I want that I want that, I want that!” Marc Jacobs is the maker of silent screams.

Spring/Summer 2012 Marc Jacobs proves his creative genius yet again with a collection that is equal parts spring picnic, Jackie O, and Kathy Bates saran-wrap dress a la Fried Green Tomatoes (not a clue what I’m on about?! Watch this!). Marc takes classic shapes you know and love and turns them into something fresh and modern just by changing the fabrics and adding fringe. And… Oh the fringe! It cascades on the hemlines like row after row of fluttering lashes flirting with you with every step. This is not just a collection that you want to wear… it is one that you want to touch!

You know a designer has to be special when they are given the Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement Award only 14 years after opening their first store! Marc Jacobs takes styles from our parents’ and grandparents’ day like the dropped waist, the headscarf and the boxy boyish suits and makes them fun again! I love the unabashed use of gingham, the sheer overlays with a hint of shine, the tinsel-esque threads shimmering here and there, and the thick gatherings of fabrics adding volume to otherwise streamlines shapes.

As bloggers snapped and tv cameras filmed, I perused the handbags of the season. With this collection the bags are really just the quilted leather cherry on top! These carry-alls came in a multitude of colours and the simple boxy shapes complimented the elaborateness of the collection. Surprisingly, I found myself coming back over to the pastel pink bag again and again! Not typically a bastion of blush, I was surprised to think of how many ensembles this would pair perfectly with!

One simple detail that I loved, and have already recreated with my own wardrobe, was the headscarf! This accessory is just so supremely girly and does wonders for an otherwise unruly mop! Our former That Girl Jasmine shared my delight and declared that we should start a Head Scarf Support Group for all those that want to wear these around town but lack the courage on their own to do so; members would receive plenty of texts declaring how fab they look in their head wrap as encouragement!

Marc Jacobs inspires us all just to be a bit more feminine. Take chances with your look, play with texture, and for goodness sake, see just how gorgeous you can be while donning a headscarf! Even if you don’t take the plunge and actually buy any MJ pieces, you could easily take small inspirations from the collection and recreate on a budget (shhhh… don’t tell Marc!). As Mr Jacobs himself says, “Happy, happy fashion- there is not much more to it than that!”

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Marc Jacobs, B20B and Shop 104, The Landmark, Central, Hong Kong, 2523 3324/2868 9782; see all other locations in Hong Kong here.

Photos by Sabrina Sikora Photography.

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