5 December, 2014

Sassy’s Ultimate Christmas Playlist!

5 December, 2014

Looking for some festive tunes to get you in the mood? Then look no further than Sassy’s Ultimate Christmas Playlist! The Sassy team has pulled together to give you our favourite Christmas songs, perfect for any upcoming Christmas parties you’ve got on the horizon. Press play!

Lauren, Sassy Hong Kong Editor:
My favourite Christmas tune has got to be “The Christmas Song” by the legend that is Nat King Cole. His smooth, velvety voice is almost as warm as the cosy lyrics, “chestnuts roasting on an open fire”. Snuggling up to this on a cold day with a mug of mulled wine would be pure bliss!

Shaneli, Sassy Hong Kong Editorial Assistant:
My all-time fave is the Mariah tune, “All I Want For Christmas Is You”. Nothing spells Christmas like this song in my earphones on a chilly day with my cup of coffee. I just have to be careful not to try and hit those high notes (in public) that she’s oh-so-famous for!

Emma, Sassy Contributor:
I know this will be probably be a very popular pick, but nothing – I repeat, nothing – beats Mariah Carey’s, “All I Want For Christmas Is You”. I’ve loved it since it was the finale number at a Christmas jazz ballet concert I did as a kid. It will forever reign supreme for me. I. Love. It.

Dervla, Managing Editor:
My favourite Christmas hit is “Stop the Cavalry” by Jona Lewie. Every Christmas morning my brother wakes up the whole house by playing it horrendously on his bashed up trumpet. He’s now 28 and the tradition is still going strong!

Megan, Sassy Mama Dubai Editorial Assistant:
Maybe it’s his salacious curly hair. Maybe it’s his fierce eyebrows. I can’t explain why I like Josh Groban so much, but in any case, I’m coming clean with perhaps the lamest Christmas song addiction – “Little Drummer Boy” (nobody’s reading this, right?). Little Drummer Boy’s not as uplifting as You Raise Me Up – what can be, that song’s a damn modern classic and the grand finale of my shower singing repertoire – but guitarist Andy McKee’s fresh arrangement makes you feel like you can take on the whole world. Pa rum pa pa pum, indeed.

Vanessa, Sassy Singapore Editorial Assistant:
My favourite Christmas tune has got to be “Baby It’s Cold Outside” – I just love this song! Modern ears will recognise it from the Christmas film Elf (which is one of my favourites!), featuring Will Ferrell and New Girl herself Zooey Deschanel, however the original still has a firm hold on my heart. It’s a bit cheeky, catchy and totally adorable… now if I could find someone to duet with me…

Sabrina, Sassy Contributor:
Ok… this is kind of embarrassing, but I can’t get enough of “My Only Wish (This Year)” by Britney Spears! This song came out when I was a teenager and working the gift wrap station at the local mall. We would wrap present after present with this song on repeat while singing to the customers at the top of our lungs! I got more tips than I knew what to do with and one guy even tipped me with an ice cream sundae (way better in my opinion). Whenever I hear this I am taken back to those easy days where Christmas was more about the friends and family you had close by and less about managing the Cathay flight schedules to get to them!

Natalie, Sassy Contributor:
“Driving Home for Christmas” by Chris Reah is unashamedly 80s, but I love this song and it always makes me super excited for my trip home. Whenever I hop on a plane to London in late December, I find myself singing this in my head, substituting “driving” for “flying”! Hopefully you’ll be doing the same this year on your journey to wherever home is…

Sammy, Sassy Hong Kong Partnerships Executive:
My favourite Christmas song is “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” originally recorded by Bing Crosby in 1943, recently covered by Michael Bublé. It reminds me of the excited feeling I got as a child awaiting the arrival of my dad who would be flying in from Hong Kong to the crisp, cold, English countryside. I would spend the second half of the Autumn term at boarding school looking forward to this moment!

Anna, Sassy Contributor:
My all time favourite Christmas song is “All Alone on Christmas” by Darlene Love and The E Street Band. At first glance you may think you don’t know this song, but you do. It’s featured in two of my favourite festive films: Home Alone 2 and Love Actually. Despite it’s name, it’s the ultimate feel-good Christmas song and I play it as soon as it’s socially acceptable to listen to Christmas tunes, which incidentally, is the last week of November!

Simran, Sassy Hong Kong Senior Partnerships Manager:
No one can do Christmas better than Mr. Sinatra. Most of his tunes sound truly magical, especially with a Christmas tree in the background and mulled wine in our hand! But my favourite has to be his rendition of “Let it Snow”, which can teleport anyone to New York for a white Christmas!

Aydee, Sassy Hong Kong Partnerships Executive:
I love this song, well, because of Billy Mack. Also because it was in the movie Love Actually, and that’s my Christmas must-watch every year. Christmas is all about family, giving and spreading love, and that’s all in the movie! Weird as it is, this song makes me super happy. What’s not to love about feeling Christmas in your fingers and your toes?

Fenella, Sassy Contributor:
I’m a huge fan of festive ditties, but if I had to choose it would be “Just Like Christmas” by Indie rockers Low. With just the right amount of jingly sleigh bells, it never fails to give me that tingly Christmassy feeling. Like Belle and Sebastian (who are coming to HK next year!)? You’ll love this!

Simone, Sassy Contributor:
The ultimate Christmas jingle for me has to be “Fairytale of New York” by Kirsty MacColl & The Pogues.  This song takes me straight back to Christmas Day at home. It’s the song you listen to whilst wearing your free paper hat from your cracker with a glass of port, and of course, trying to stuff that last (and completely unnecessary) mince pie into your mouth before putting on that classic Christmas film to fall asleep to!

Kristy, Accounting and Office Administrator: 
My favourite Christmas tune is “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” – the Disney version! This song was my first Christmas piano song that I learnt, so every time I listen to it I have the memory of playing this piece with my little fingers. The joyful melody, as well as the cute lyrics in the Disney version, make me feel all warm and Christmassy!
Happy listening!


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