14 May, 2014
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Sassy’s Top 10 Travel Apps!

14 May, 2014

We’re very lucky that living in Hong Kong means that are just a skip, hop and jump away from some incredible travel destinations. Whether you’re travelling backpacker style around India and Nepal, chilling on a beach in Bali or catching a quick city-break to Tokyo, it’s always great to have a some little tips and tricks to help you when you’re on the go. That’s why we’ve rounded up our favourite go-to travel apps to help you along the way!

travel app collage 11. HotelQuickly

Hotel Quickly is for those on-the-go ladies in need of emergency accommodation without skimping on luxury. Whether it’s for a last minute business trip or a spontaneous weekend away, HotelQuickly acts as a handy travel agent in your pocket. Not only does it allow you to book top-rate hotels in the Asia-Pacific region at the click of a button, but it also specialises in last minute bookings. HotelQuickly is focused on same-day bookings allowing you to book a hotel that very day, from midday until 4am. With hotels in 10+ countries on their books, you can be safe in the knowledge you’ll be resting your head somewhere by nightfall.

2. Free Wi-Fi Finder

Sassy girls in 2014 must never be out of Wi-Fi’s reach, even when on vacation. You’ll never need to incur roaming charges again because your new internet ally, the Free Wi-Fi Finder, can help you milk the free stuff. Scan your current location for the nearest free Wi-Fi hub and you can sneak off to catch up with girlfriends or check your emails. Not that we’re addicted to the internet or anything… P.S. If you’re looking for a Wi-Fi spot closer to home, check out our Top 10 Wi-Fi spots in Hong Kong!

3. Beautified

Have you ever had a beauty disaster whilst on a trip? It’s the situation every girl dreads when you don’t have your regular nail technician or hairdresser on hand to fix you up! If you’re heading to the States this summer then you can reap the full benefits of Beautified, including the option to book same-day appointments quickly and hassle-free through the app! With limited time whilst on vacation, the idea is to fit beauty into your day, not to base your day around it.


4. Uber

We’ve all been stranded somewhere abroad, unsure of how or where to find a bus or even a taxi. Uber is your own personal chauffeur available in 100+ cities, which provides you with an on-demand service that never requires advanced booking or waiting in a virtual queue. You can even hand pick your car, from the mundane to the sublime. The best bit is you don’t even need cash – link up your Uber account to a credit card or PayPal account so you never get caught short again!

5. Share-a-bill

The 21st century’s IOU note, Share-a-bill, puts a stop to any money quibbles or cat fights concerning outstanding debts between friends. Whenever girlfriends travel together they’re sure to encounter the age-old issue of adding up everything everyone owes at the end of the trip. Now there’s a more accurate and reliable way of keeping count of who owes whom. With share-a-bill you can create individual events and add-in contacts from your address book. Here you can keep a tally of who consumed the most cocktails and needs to cough up the most dosh! You also get a little help from a built-in calculator and currency converter too.

travel app collage 26. Accuweather

When you’ve spent time and money organising the ideal getaway, the last thing you want is the heavens to open. Unfortunately this will be always be beyond our control, but at least with the Accuweather app you can access precise forecasts so you can plan your days accordingly. If a storm is heading your way you’ll get a notification straight to your phone so you have time to run for cover. What’s more is you’ll get minute-by-minute forecasts that are so precise they can tell you the weather at your exact address. Here’s to no more vague predictions for cities so vast they span different time zones!

7. Around Me

AroundMe is an app that is just the thing for giving you that local knowledge of a new place that you can’t find from Google. Whether you’re on a city break or deep in rural Vietnam, AroundMe can pin point any important amenity you desire close to your location. It may be an ATM or something more urgent like a nail salon, either way, cut the walking time and get downloading.

Trip List

8. Trip List

There are many list-making apps on the market, as app designers target our poor organisation skills coupled with our hectic schedules. However Triplist is aimed specifically at travellers with unique features including quantity indicators, reminders, and an item catalogue. Pack more efficiently in a hurry by choosing from the 250 items in the catalogue and add things to your list. By compiling your holiday lists this way, you’re given ideas for travel essentials you didn’t even know you needed – like we needed another excuse to go ‘holiday shopping’!

9. Itranslate

It’s always important to know the language basics of the country you’re visiting out of courtesy. What’s more, in Asia, often the language barrier is so huge that it’s imperative to have a back-up communication method to even order a Coca Cola. From the obvious to the obscure, Itranslate can help you communicate in 80+ languages. For extra convenience you don’t even have to type, just speak into the voice recorder and it does all the hard work for you!

10. Gate Guru

Forget sprinting to find your gate and waiting in lines, Gate Guru is a genie in your pocket that gives you the glamorous, sweat-free airport experience of the movies. The app allows you to upload your itinerary, and in return gives you all the information you need for a smooth trip, from your check-in desk location, to airport weather updates. It even sends you real time flight status notifications and security waiting times so you can mentally prepare for any delays. Along with this you’ll find information on airport amenities and restaurants near your gate. It may even give you enough extra time to fit in a cocktail… or three!





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