What To Wear On A Rainy Day: Tried-And-Tested Waterproof Shoes

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Flip Flops

We know what you’re thinking…flip-flops and rain? Surely a match made in hell right? Wrong! Flip Flops are the ideal solution to your morning commute when the sky is gloomy and you’ve got places to be. A pair of good quality flip flops are made from only the best durable rubber, they won’t fall apart once wet, and they dry almost instantly once out of the rain.

But what about during the downfall? Yes, your feet are going to get drenched. So for this option we suggest popping your indoor shoes in your bag for your commute and once you get to work, slip off your wet flip flops.

Our favourite picks:

The Classic Havaianas: Black slim flip flops from Havaianas available online from ASOS
The Fun Twist: Flat glitter sandals from LOVE MOSCHINO available via Farfetch
The Budget Alternative: Rubi Thong from Cotton On

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There’s a reason wellies are such a popular option for feet all across the UK during the classic British summertime. These classic boots are designed for the wet and muddy English countryside so a T8 in Hong Kong is a breeze! The great thing about this option is that more and more brands are designing stylish options to update this old school staple. They come in a range of colours and come up high enough so you don’t need to worry about getting splashed by a passing taxi.

Then again, we all know, with the rain also comes…humidity. There are plenty of ankle welly boots which offer the best of both worlds! Team them with a cute floral mini dress for ultimate farmer-chic this summer.

Our favourite picks:

The Classic Wellington boot: Original Tall Rain Boot from Hunter available at Revolve
The Fun Twist: Nautical Printed Wellies from Joules
The Budget Alternative: ASOS Design Gentle Chunky Chelsea Rain Boots from ASOS

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Summer Sandals

If you’re not quite ready to ditch your new sliders when the rain comes in, we’ve got some good news for you…you don’t have to! Brands are introducing more and more waterproof rubber versions of our favourite summer sandals, meaning rainy days don’t always have to mean chunky unflattering shoes. One of the best things about this option is these shoes aren’t just restricted to rainy weather. Ideal to wear to the beach, a pool day, or on a full day shopping trip with the girls, this option comes in a variety of gorgeous styles.

Our favourite picks:

The Revamped Birkenstock: Arizona Madrid Slippers by Birkenstock available via Farfetch
The Fun Twist: Babe sandals by JuJu
The Budget Alternative: Flipside Knitted Pool Sliders by ASOS

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Ankle boots

This wardrobe staple will walk you through every season. The timeless leather ankle boot is an option to take you straight from day to night. Whether you go all out Alexa Chung and team with a cute midi skirt, or pair with your favourite vintage cut offs, this option is a sure and stylish answer to your rainy-day dreams. Granted, some leathers won’t be able to sustain the heaviest of the downpours HK likes to throw at us every now and again, so be sure to treat them first with a protective spray.

Our favourite picks:

The Classic Ankle Boot: Pointed Toe Ankle Boot by Aedye available via Farfetch
The Fun Twist: White leather Snake Skin ankle boots available by Pull & Bear
The Budget Alternative: Riding Rain Boot By Twenty Eight Shoes available via Zalora

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Trainer lovers all over will be happy to know wet season doesn’t necessarily mean you have to leave your favourite pair at home. There are now more stylish water-resistant alternatives to keep you active around town. As a bonus, the sneaker industry is now doing more to minimise the impact that producing a pair of trainers has on the environment. From recycled materials to ethical vegan fashion, here are some sustainable sneakers available in the 852.  

Our favourite picks:

The Classic White Sneaker: V Lock Leather sneakers by Veja available via Net-a-Porter
The Fun Twist: Classic Cortez Trainer in Retro Leather by Nike via ASOS
The Budget Alternative: Curly Lace up Trainers by Topshop available via Zalora

Read more: Where (And Why!) To Buy Eco And Ethical Trainers


Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in June 2012 and was updated on 16 April, 2019 by Ciara Radburn.

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6 thoughts on “What To Wear On A Rainy Day: Tried-And-Tested Waterproof Shoes

  1. For all like me who don’t like switching shoes: Gloshes. and they come in cute colours for heels and flats. I guess they are not perfect for downpours but so far they worked for me. I originally bought them to avoid those nasty snow edges and soaked leather soles after rain. (

    Maybe thats an option? 😉

  2. I actually have those exact Crocs sandals on my shopping list! They’re totally cute for summer, wide open enough to be cool in HK heat, dry out quickly after slogging through the rain, and the Crocs I’ve worn before have always done a good job at keeping me from slipping on wet pavement (unless you wear them for 2 years straight, at which point they slip and slide like crazy, but that’s probably true of any shoe ;p).

    Thanks for reminding me I need to go back and pick those up!

  3. I’ve just ordered these wellies from CitySlips – they fold up! How great is that for us Sassy Girls here in Hong Kong?!?

    I was introduced to them through my company, but know you gals will love them and their concept!

  4. Do you know any other online stores that sells wellies? Or any particular (physical) store there in HK that sells one? Will be visiting HK next month and Im hoping to bring home one. Thanks in advance!

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