15 August, 2012
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Sassy’s Midweek Minis – August 15

15 August, 2012
There’s always so much great stuff going on in Hong Kong that it can be hard to keep track… and Sassy is no exception! So here’s another batch of Sassy’s Midweek Minis, a bite-sized catch-up session of whatever articles have been inspiring Team Sassy recently. Here’s hoping you’ll find some mid-week inspiration thanks to our Midweek Minis too!

1.  I totally want this. I am in no way a beauty junkie but I have been lusting after this for a while. Next time you see me, I hope to have glowing skin!
2.  I’m thinking of starting a regular date night in my household and want to book a reservation here. Am digging the décor!

3. I am getting antsy about securing my travel plans for the October long weekend (we have 1-2 October off!). I have been looking back at this article for some mini-break getaway ideas. Bali anyone?



1.  Having been hooked on the Olympics and now seriously pining for them, my midweek minis have a London 2012 twist! Despite a recent trip to the UK, I was too distracted by the Games to concentrate on shopping there… so as a result, I’m going to use one of our That Girls amazing tips on HK vintage shops and one-of-a-kind purchases for a shopping spree back here instead!

2.  To celebrate TeamGB’s medal tally, I definitely think some cocktails are in order! Our food writer Michelle recommended here but if you’re looking for something a little more remote, check out these cool hidden hideaways too.

3.  Bronze, silver and gold are certainly not items I have in abundance right now! The bank account is looking pretty shabby after a summer of holidays, too many of these and generally having a bloomin’ good time! However, cutbacks are now all the rage and this article is just what I need to save some pennies yet not become a total recluse.

1.  This still ranks as one of my favourite meals of 2012. Chef Peter gets the balance of his dishes being pretty, innovative and delicious just right.

2.  This article isn’t exactly a fun read, but it is definitely an important one. It’s certainly made me think more about my journey home at the end of nights out.

3.  This one is an oldie but a goodie from the Sassy archives! I’m thinking of doing an updated version inspired by the Star Ferry, HK’s neon signs and Victoria Park’s CNY Flower Market or Mid-Autumn lanterns… what do you think?



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