30 June, 2021
PURE Fitness at K11 MUSEA: Training Pad
PURE Fitness at K11 MUSEA: Training Pad
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5 Things We Loved About PURE’s Newest K11 MUSEA Branch

30 June, 2021
PURE Fitness at K11 MUSEA: Training Pad scoop

Team Sassy checked out PURE Fitness at K11 MUSEA, here’s everything we’d come back for…

When we were invited to check out PURE’s newest branch at K11 MUSEA, Team Sassy were immediately on board. From what we’ve heard and seen in pictures of the club, we couldn’t wait to check out the space and were very excited to try out one of its famous signature HIIT FUZE classes. Spoiler alert – we were not disappointed. Read on to find out what we loved about PURE Fitness at K11 MUSEA.

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PURE Changing Rooms

Changing Rooms & Free Amenities

When we headed to the changing rooms to gear up for our workout, we were immediately impressed by how stylish and spacious it was (no need to worry about waiting in line for a shower here!). “The changing rooms feel really luxe with marble surfaces and real plants. The access to free towels and gym kits (which includes shirts, shorts and socks) is super useful – no more lugging your huge gym bag around!” says Sassy Art Director, Daisy. Plus, we’re all for doing less laundry!

PURE Fitness at K11 MUSEA: Booty Zone

Outdoor Training Pad & Booty Zone

Before heading to our FUZE class, we checked out the outdoor training pad for a stretch. Unfortunately, it was raining the day we visited, but the view was still breathtaking. “Not only is there enough space for a circuit training session with your gym buddies, but you’ll also get to enjoy the perfect panoramic view of the harbour as you pull off that mountain climber,” said Sassy Editorial Assistant, Lydia.

On our way to FUZE class we passed through the dedicated “Booty Zone” and had a few minutes to spare to try out some of the new equipment. Sassy Mama Head of Partnerships Mansha was particularly impressed with the range of machines available, “I had never seen some of those machines before so I asked the trainers standing by to show us how to use them. They were very helpful and I was able to achieve a really targeted workout.”

FUZE Class

FUZE Class

There are a number of FUZE classes available at the club which combine strength training, boxing, cardio and functional HIIT. We were invited to join the KINETIC session, a class focusing on joint mobility and recovery. Sassy Partnerships Manager and regular gym-goer Emily wasn’t sure what to expect but was excited to try this new workout style.

“It was my first time trying a movement class and I was surprised how my body responded to the exercises. After just 45 minutes, I was a lot more flexible than when I started, and my body felt looser and less tense.”

PURE Fitness at K11 MUSEA: Facilities

Running Turf & Free-Weights Training Area

We loved the 30-metre-long running turf and the enormous free-weights training area beside it. The treadmills running along the floor-to-ceiling windows were also something we’d come back for. Those who like to run outdoors for the scenery can enjoy incredible views without having to endure the sweltering summer heat!

Nood food: Super Smoothies

nood food Café

There’s no better way to end your session at PURE than with a delicious (and nutritious!) smoothie from nood food. You’ll find an expansive menu of drinks to choose from here. The choice this time was easy – we had to try the exclusive K11 MUSEA Super Smoothies.

Lydia tried the Passion Explosion!. “It was a refreshing blend of nutritious goodies – perfect for a sweet tooth like me! Very satisfying but not too filling.” Sassy Editor Nicole went for the Ashwaganda Forever, which was packed with 24g of protein and an interesting combo of healthy ingredients including the Indian medicinal herb, ashwagandha, which is said to boost brain function and reduce stress levels, in addition to increasing muscle mass and strength. The perfect end to a great workout if you ask us!

Sassy Perk Pink

Sign up here to enjoy a one-day free trial at PURE Fitness at K11 Musea. Offer valid until Tuesday, 31 August, 2021.

PURE Fitness at K11 MUSEA, 6/F, K11 MUSEA, Victoria Dockside, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong, 8102 0033, k11musea.pure-fitness.com

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Images courtesy of PURE Fitness and Daisy Costello for Sassy Media Group.

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