3 August, 2011

Sassy Review: Firma Medical Beauty Clinic

3 August, 2011



I’m heading up on 30 fast, and as a new mum, I don’t get half as much sleep as I would like, so looking in the mirror at the moment leaves me feeling a little bit… OLD. As well as having sat on a few too many Greek beaches in my youth covered in Factor 4 tanning oil, I’m guilty of so many other skincare sins. I’ve only just started wearing sunscreen daily, am a picker and a fusser when it comes to worrying away at blemishes, and am pretty slapdash when it comes to removing my makeup at night. When Firma offered me the chance to try out a treatment at their new skin care centre in Central, I basically leaped at the chance.

Firma is a super high-end “Medical Beauty” brand which originally hails from Singapore, where they develop, manufacture and retail physician-approved face and body products. Their new clinic in Central is the first time they’ve expanded into performing treatments directly on patients, and they’ve spared no expense when it comes to fitting it out and creating a gorgeous spa-like atmosphere. They recommended I give the “TMT” treatment for anti-aging a whirl, which I hadn’t heard of before, and a quick google didn’t turn up much more information. When I arrived at Firma though, I was ushered in to see their dermatologist who told me that TMT (Transmesodermic Therapy) is a special technology where a machine uses a magnetic charge to push a product more deeply into your skin cells. My understanding of the science behind it was pretty shaky, but hey ho, I’m up for anything, so I “ooh”-ed and “aaah”-ed in the right places when they explained it to me and accepted my “ampoule” of anti-aging serum and was whisked off to have my “before” pictures taken! Once that was done, I was taken to a pre-treatment room to get changed, had my makeup removed by my Thai therapist (who had previously worked at The Banyan Tree in Phuket) and then finally marched along to the more serious-looking treatment room where the actual procedure would be carried out.

I was given a piece of metal to grip in one hand, while the therapist turned on the machine which made an ominous buzzing noise. The Dermatologist had asked me if I had any metal fillings in my teeth, and though I don’t, I did start to get a little nervous at this point! The therapist smeared the serum onto my face, and then started to massage my face in small circles with the TMT prong… OUCH! I nearly jumped out of my chair at the stinging feeling as the prong came near to my nose. The therapist seemed embarrassed by my wimpiness, but consented to turn the frequency way down until she could continue pain-free. I felt a little on-edge after the surprise of the sensation, but I was lulled back into a peaceful state as the rest of the treatment continued. In total the process took around an hour including a 10 minute hang-out with the gel on my face to let it all sink in deeper, then it was back to get changed again and into the photo room for my “after” photo.

As I checked out my face in the mirror, I initially thought that it looked just like I’d had a really quality facial, but when I got home, and for about a week after (before the 5.30am wakeups took their toll again!) I definitely noticed a fresher, firmer look around my eyes and jawline. I’d definitely recommend TMT if you’ve got a special occasion coming up as with no squeezing or exfoliation there’s no risk of redness or breakouts so you can go straight from clinic to party! Each session costs around HK1,800 to 2,000 which isn’t bargain basement but isn’t crazy expensive either.

As well as TMT, Firma offer a whole host of other treatments like Chemical Peels, Hair Regeneration, Laser Hair Removal, Body Contouring and Toning, Non-Surgical Face Lifts, Pixel Skin-Resurfacing and much much more. If you’re looking for the ultimate Tai-Tai tune-up, Firma’s your place.

Firma, 5/F, 6 Duddell Street, Central, 2869 6688
[email protected]

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