18 July, 2011

Sassy Tests: Anti-Aging Tri-Pollar at Elemis Day Spa

18 July, 2011

UPDATE: EDS has now closed.

The Elemis Day Spa in Central invited me in recently to try their tri-pollar treatment, an anti-ageing facial involving a heated triangular device attached to the tri-pollar machine. The machine itself looks like an elongated prototype of Eve (from Pixar’s Wall-E), minus the artificial intelligence!

Tri-pollar works to tighten loose, saggy skin and fine lines. It transmits heat and radio frequency waves, allowing it to penetrate the deep and shallow layers of the skin at the same time. This stimulates collagen as the skin contracts in response. The machine comes equipped with two attachments – one for the face and another larger attachment designed for use on the body, apparently effective for targeting fat cells. How I wish I had the foresight to sign up to this before my junk trip this weekend!

The treatment starts in the standard way: cleansing, followed by toning then exfoliating. A serum is then applied and the device employed to work its magic. As my skin was having one of its grumpy/hormonal days, my therapist was only able to use the lowest setting on me. The sensation is not unlike a gentle, warm massage, with added deep tissue reverberations from the three-pronged device. I imagine if set higher it would make your gums tingle and your teeth chatter. All said, it was not too uncomfortable but definitely feels odd for the first few minutes.

Immediately after the treatment, my jawline felt tighter. I think I described it to Antonia, the spa manager, as though I had spent the last hour chewing a huge wad of gum. As I am still in my late twenties without major sagging issues it proved difficult to judge the results fairly, although I thought my skin looked plumper for the next few days.

I witnessed this same treatment conducted on half the face of a more mature lady and found the results astonishing. In fact I begged the therapist to treat the other half of her face – I felt sorry for this volunteer with only half ‘lifted’ skin (which she did, or course, it was only for demonstration purposes!).

As with any anti-ageing regime, tri-pollar requires commitment and perseverance. 10 – 18 treatments are recommended for clients with more mature skin; those with younger skin may see results a lot sooner.

Tri-pollar normally costs HK2400 for a 75 minute treatment.

Special Offer: Tri Pollar is one of 6 treatments available on a special 30% off ‘Summer Menu’ at both Elemis Day Spa and the Beautiful Skin Centre in Pacific Place available until the end of August! you can visit www.southchinacosmetics.com.hk for more information on that and other deals.

Elemis Day Spa, 9/F, 1 D’Aguilar Street, Central, 2521 6660

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