6 March, 2023
Sassy Supports Teen's Key Hong Kong Charity
Sassy Supports Teen's Key Hong Kong Charity

Sassy Supports: Teen’s Key Hong Kong On How To Support Marginalised & Vulnerable Young Women

6 March, 2023
Sassy Supports Teen's Key Hong Kong Charity

Unlocking new beginnings for marginalised and vulnerable young women…

sassy supports logoThis year, we’re excited to spotlight young women-led charity Teen’s Key Hong Kong in this special International Women’s Day edition Sassy Supports. While there are a few non-profit organisations committed to supporting “traditional” adult female sex workers, there is a lack of support for sex workers who are under the age of 25 and/or in their early teens in Hong Kong. Teen’s Key aims to fill that gap. Read on to find out more about what the charity does to provide support and empower vulnerable young women in the city.

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Sassy Supports Teen's Key Hong Kong Charity

Tell us about Teen’s Key. What is it you do?

Established since 2011, Teen’s Key is the first recognised young women-led registered charity committed to helping young women who encounter sexual health crises and providing a safe space where these women can feel empowered to build the next phase of their lives through mentorship programmes, counselling and peer education.

In 2019, Teen’s Key launched a 24/7 emergency helpline for young women and girls seeking assistance, and at the end of 2021, the charity was able to move into a bigger safe space in Jordan, where young women can have access to free STD testing and participate in the Post-Crisis Life Enrichment Programmes at the Teen’s Key Development Service Hub.

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Sassy Supports Teen's Key Hong Kong Charity

How has Teen’s Key been improving the lives of young women in Hong Kong?

Through community outreach, intervention and prevention programmes, a developmental support hub and a peer-to-peer Young Mother’s Club, Teen’s Key works to help empower vulnerable young women to become independent and realise their potential. The charity also conducts joint research with other non-profit organisations to raise public awareness on the rights of young women, and also young female sex workers on sexual reproductive health matters.

This International Women’s Day, Teen’s Key collaborated with Hong Kong-based Mexican photographer Marissa Reyes Beckmann for a 12-hour street photography project, in which participants would post a photo taken around the city every hour for 12 hours. The event took place on Saturday, 4 March, but donations are still open if you wish to help them reach their goal.

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What issues are important to Teen’s Key?

There are only a few non-profit organisations in Hong Kong that support “traditional” adult female sex workers, but there is a lack of support for those workers who are specifically under the age of 25 and/or in their early teens. Teen’s Key was established to fill this gap, focusing on addressing young women’s sexual and reproductive health, and to provide holistic treatment for young women in crisis.

The charity seeks to nurture the potential of these young women and believes that every young woman deserves access to information and services to care for their sexual and reproductive health.

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Sassy Supports Teen's Key Hong Kong Charity

How can we get involved?

Teen Key’s ongoing initiative, “Empower Young Women, Unlock New Beginnings”, encourages us all to exercise our compassion and work together to create a better place where young women can realise their potential and have the freedom to choose their future.

Aside from donating to the charity, you can support its endeavours by working as a volunteer, ambassador or fundraiser. If you’re interested in learning more about Teen’s Key, email the team to book an Impact Day Tour to visit the Service Hub and learn more about what they do a daily basis.

Teen’s Key Hong Kong, 2302 0068, teenskey.org

Images courtesy of Teens’ Key.

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