28 May, 2015

Sassy Horoscopes for June

28 May, 2015
We’ve got our Sassy ‘scopes for June below, with all the star dates for your diary. Kimberly from Star Sign Style gives us the astrology low down for the month and don’t forget it’s time for your Gemini and Cancer friends’ birthdays!
Sassy Horoscopes - AriesAries
The 9th-14th June is a truly fabulous time for networking Miss Aries, quite possibly the best time of the year for you to connect (although watch you’re not too zealous with new acquaintances!). With Mercury Retrograde all month, don’t forget where you stored that all-important number or email address. Information may be moving at lightning speed but that doesn’t mean you have to! Stop and take stock – appreciate your new circle and connections. The new moon on 16th June proves perfect for this kind of considerate contemplation. By the end of the month you’ll be more subdued, though the 30th June is a stellar day for you to head out and shine…

Sassy Horoscopes - TaurusTaurus
“With my mind on my money and my money on my mind” – this could be your anthem for June, Miss Taurus! You’re thinking about finances, what you value and your personal security. The full moon comes early in the month on the 2nd June and is a great time to get serious about money-matters. If you need to file a tax return or budget, the time is now. By mid-month you’ll be in a wonderful position to contemplate new ways of spending and saving, hurrah! Home looks lovely – you’ll enjoy spending time with kith and kin, and making your space look beautiful. You could pick up a bargain towards the end of the month, too. Keep your eyes peeled or head to the General Store to find some secret treasures…

Sassy Horoscopes - GeminiGemini
With your ruling planet, Mercury, going retrograde ’til the 12th June, you could feel a little more overwhelmed that usual. There’s a lot of focus on you now – not only is it birthday month for the Twins, but there’s a lot of activity and buzz around you now. Thankfully you’ve got bags of energy – put it towards your goals and make headway on personal projects. Decide what you’d like your new project to look like, or what your next step will be by the week commencing the 16th June. This is a awesome time to kick off your personal agenda, and you could really see plans taking shape from here on out. The 2nd June shines a light on your relationships and you’re able to get to grips with what you really want from ‘partnerships’, love and all your one-to-one’s. Expressing yourself comes easily and you can deliver a big message on the 28th June.

Sassy Horoscopes - CancerCancer
There’s a lot going on beneath the surface with you in June, Miss Cancer. You’re deep and mysterious at the best of times, but this month there’s quite a bit stirring – you’re in overdrive whether the world can see it or not! Work matters have been undergoing a major shift; day to day things are different though you’re not through your metamorphosis yet! The 2nd June could reveal some of what’s come full circle, but there’s more on the horizon, especially from September when you could land more responsibility. Life feels secure and it could fare even better after the 6th, with a boost to your finances possible later in the month. If you’re looking to have fun with friends or women, the 1st June (and 31st May) will feel especially good, take tea for two today with a special lady!

Sassy Horoscopes - Leo 

Life’s about to get even more sensational for all you luscious Leos as beautiful Venus enters your sign on the 6th June. That means you have full license to shop, splurge and go crazy for beauty products – or at least buy yourself a new lippy (check our favourite red hot lippies here). You’ve got oodles of energy for friends and hanging out in a group too – lets hope the weather’s good so you can hit the beach! The 2nd and the 10th are super fun days for you in June in terms of romance (wink wink!) or just for letting the good times roll. Don’t worry, it’s not a month-long party, you’ll want to quieten down after the 22nd June – perhaps some pampering before you’re back in the spotlight for your birthday month… You’re extra gorgeous on the 27th, now get back to work.

Sassy Horoscopes - VirgoVirgo
You’re ready to conquer the world Miss Virgo but hold up, ruler Mercury has the brakes on till the 12th June! It may feel a little as though you’re playing catch-up throughout the month, however that doesn’t mean you’re not making major strides. Mars in your career house is powering you through, and it won’t be long until you have one helluva lucky streak (that comes later in July). You’re being torn between home and work (again) and this delicate balance of your priorities keeps requiring your attention. Work it out on the full moon on the 2nd June, a day that could offer clarity and reveal fresh insight into your domestic set-up. For you, June could provide much-needed down time, I’m thinking rest and retreat! Why not head over to Melo Spa… No doubt you deserve it!

Sassy Horoscopes - LibraLibra
You’ll be dividing your time between work and play beautifully this month Miss Libra, striking the perfect balance between friends, socialising and work. They’ll be calling your name to come and mingle from 6 June, so enjoy! The 30th is a day to really have a blast. It’s a great month to travel for you too, so say “Yes” to time out of the city. Saturday 13 June could prove perfect to calmly retreat from the noise – don’t be surprised if this is an intense kinda day, you may need cupcakes to see you through – you’ve been warned! The 2nd is a choice day to have open conversations, especially if you’re looking to make a change in your relationships.

Sassy Horoscopes -ScorpioScorpio
The full moon falls early in the month (2 June), highlighting your value system, and your personal vision of security. You’re incredibly intuitive, especially where your finances are concerned – no-one can pull the wool over your eyes! Spend time this month seeing that you’re where you should be (not in the red!), tie up loose ends and contracts regarding outstanding tax, bills-bills-bills and legal issues. There may be a bit of back and forth but by 17 June you’ll know where you stand. If life starts to feel heavy, it’s because Saturn is entering your sign for the last time (he’ll exit stage right on 18 September). Use these next few months to really realise your responsible side, to commit and step up to the plate. Note 1 June as a day to connect with your higher ideals…

Sassy Horoscopes - SagittariusSagittarius
Make sure you really enjoy your June, Sagittarius! It’s a great month for you to indulge your adventurous spirit. Luck is favouring travel, so expect impromptu get-aways with your significant other (we can dream can’t we?! Drop a hint with the help of Flight Centre!). If you’re not able to disappear from town then at least get away for the day or enjoy outdoors spaces on the weekend of the 27/28 June. The new moon on 16 June offers the opportunity for a relationship wish list – even if you don’t believe in cosmic ordering, it couldn’t hurt to try! It’s an auspicious day to manifest you deepest desires and for you there’s a focus on partnership. Dare to wish upon a star and conjure your vision of the perfect ‘other’.

Sassy Horoscopes - CapricornCapricorn
June offers a fabulous opportunity to power up your routine Miss Cappy – if you’ve been a regular at the gym or you’re stepping up your exercise, this month will serve to solidify your efforts – go girl! You’ll fly through to-do lists and organise overdue tasks this month. Why not tackle that overflowing cupboard while you’re on a roll?! If you’ve the inclination, jot down the health kicks that work for you. Write out the foods that nurture (and those that have the opposite effect). Journal your results – you can even write out a personal wish list! Try it out on 16 June – it could act as a powerful reminder over the next six months. While you’re on a health kick Genie Concept’s got you covered…

Sassy Horoscopes - AquariusAquarius
If you’re looking to start a brand new creative project, then this month could support your dreams! The new moon on 16 June is the best time to contemplate and perhaps draft out those intentions, which have probably been on your mind all month long. You’ve got bags of brainpower for this kind of stuff now – or are you preoccupied with romance? Whatever’s caught your imagination, it’s got some serious steam behind it and could be a focus for the next six months. Love matters are particularly harmonious at the moment and if you’re not coupled up this could be a very good time to meet a special someone – mark 27 June as a star date to get your Grouvly on… dare you!

Sassy Horoscopes - PiscesPisces
Feeling more dreamy? Sleepy? Your ruler Neptune is about to retrograde through Pisces, which could spell wonders for your powers of intuition this month… your creativity could soar! On top of that you’ll be having a sweet month at work and your daily routine is looking rosy. If anything, it’s family and home life that’s got you pre-occupied. Dedicate any excess energy to ‘the nest’ this month, it should be easy to turn your attention there. The new moon on 16 June will offer you some introspective calm to contemplate your domestic set-up. The 9th could get emotional, it’s a good day to reconnect with your feelings and take time just for you. If you need a helping hand DO schedule a session of holistic healing

Dates are for Hong Kong, rest of the world will vary. 

Lead image sourced via Pinterest, Horoscope images sourced via Star Sign Style
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