17 April, 2015

Sassy Horoscopes for April

17 April, 2015

We love a little mysticism at Sassy so we’ve decided to dig a little deeper and find out what’s in store for every star sign for the month of April and May. A full moon has just passed so there’s a lot in store for everyone! It’s going to be a time full of energy, which will affect all aspects of your life… and we do mean all of it. The theme of April is relationships including mates, dates and more. Pay close attention to your relationships not only with other people but also with your health, your body, your soul and your heart, and read your detailed horoscope by Amy Javier below!

Fierce and fiery Aries… leave your worries from yesterday behind you. There’s no more need to dwell on the past. You’re now ready to see the world through rose-tinted glasses! Your perspectives are changing this April. New friends and colleagues are entering your world and helping you see things in a different and beautiful light. Be open to change, it will bring good things.

Let it go, Taurus! Let anything holding you back go! The forces of obstacle-removal energies are on your side until the 11th of May. Lucky you! This month you get to remove anything and everything that has been standing in your way. The path to your yellow brick road is now being cleared so recognise your goal and head straight towards it.

You have been the little workaholic of the signs recently. The stars say it’s time for you to relax this month. Enjoy the moment and do fun things for you and your relationships. Whatever you like or love to do, just do it! Go to the park for a walk with your man or with your friends. For you fashionistas, go shopping! 

Everyone around you thinks that you’re a mother hen! You give so much to all those around you. April is for you to connect to your roots. Where you come from is very important for you and you soul. It’s time to connect to that and reconnect to your home. The Lunar eclipse on the 4th of April will remind you where your true home is.

Your path to stardom loud Leo, is gold. But before you start your journey put up some clear boundaries on your time and efforts this month. Your energy is easily taken so you must preserve it. As soon as you set new boundaries you will soar! Your imagination and inner inspirations will lead the way for you this month. Listen closely to your intuition; let your gut guide you.

You’ll start to notice that everyone you come around feels your purity and healing presence, soft and classy, Virgo. It is a perfect time to begin something new (something you have been planning for quite some time) will start emerging. Believe in yourself and take up that new hobby, go for that new job and take some risks.

You are a blossoming pretty Libra. Your dreams and plans are already coming to fruition this month. Stay open for the best to come. During the Full Moon you implemented evolutionary changes and you’ve been wanting to change every since. The sky is the limit so reach for the stars, dear!

Sexy Scorpio, April is the time to connect to your own rhythm. Rest and recharge your batteries. Go with your intuitive perception on new projects. The creative energy that is springing forth will elevate all of your projects. Stay grounded!

Sagittarius, I know you like to give but it’s your turn to receive this April. Your April mantra is: “The more love that I give to myself the more I am able to give to others”. This will increase your energy and ability to give to others in turn.

This month you will spread your wings like a butterfly in social situations so say yes to every invitation that comes your way! You’re the most rooted to your foundations out of all the signs and this is a major gift. Relax this month because all this moving and spontaneous energy can uproot you. Stay present and let the winds of change do their thing.

All of your wildest imaginations and innovative ideas have an opportunity to come to fruition this month. Ground your ideas and dreams and go for it! You have nothing to loose with all of the supportive energies in the stars this month. “As I imagine it. I can achieve it” is your April mantra.

Pisces you’re the sign of water and high tide emotions! Your interests are changing in April. You will take up a new hobby and it will most likely involve spirituality or some kind of new trend. Go outside and take a breather from being indoors! Anywhere that there are trees, plants and flowers is your go-to spot for healing this month.

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