2 February, 2016

Sassy Horoscopes: February

2 February, 2016

Look into the future this February…

There are a few key dates to be aware of this February aside from the Lunar New Year celebrations! The first falls Friday the 5th (through Saturday 6th), when the moon and Venus meet powerful Pluto. This is a rare moment, which could feel like striking oil! Three celestial bodies are sitting at the same position of the zodiac, in the sign of Capricorn, so a sweet spot could be intensified – enjoy this start to the holidays!

Another key date comes on the 10th, when Venus aligns with bountiful Jupiter (which is retrograde until 10th May); progress may be on the back burner, however this lightly alludes to the possibilities ahead… They’re revisited on the full moon, which falls the very early hours of the 23rd. Read ahead to see what your sign has in store this month!

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Aries: 21 March – 19 April

You can fixate on the support you’re given from others this month, Aries. Perhaps you’re looking for funding or considering your financials. Perhaps you’re interested in how invested a lover is in you, or perhaps you’re working within a power struggle in your career. Wherever your energy’s directed is a clue to matters that will be revisited again later in the year (throughout June and July). You’ll probably be quite private about this area, but also be prepared to explore all eventualities. Career is on your mind, and it could be that good news arrives for you on or around the 5th, 6th or 10th, especially if you’re changing how it is that you work. Spend time networking your bottom off this month to really connect with the cosmos – talk, talk and talk some more, mix and mingle – say what you want out loud and make it heard!


Taurus: 20 April – 20 May

Adventure is calling you Tauro! If you haven’t got a trip booked and want to get away then may I ask “what are you waiting for?!” The moment may present itself on the 5th, a super time to throw a book and toothbrush into a carry-on. Turn up at the airport and see how you go! The universe may just be supporting you with a late getaway. The new moon on the evening of the 8th activates the career area of your horoscope, so it’s a good time to ponder what you’d really like, vocationally speaking. Dream big and write down your intentions in the days that follow, a wonderful time to manifest. Romance may seem as if it’s on hold but don’t be surprised if someone comes back around your birthday… You’ve a lot of vim and verve for those you care dearly about at the moment, so take time to show them you care. Take them for comfort food or bake a cake!


Gemini:  21 May – 20 June

You can get into a great routine and cultivate healthy habits this month Gemini, which will stand you in good stead for the rest of the year. Your powerhouse approach applies to work and even spiritual matters, which could be of growing interest to you now. You’re in a phase of examination, turning over every rock and considering the dark undersides; you might find treasure on the 5th to the 6th, something that could support your foundations and sense of security. Home life is an area that has been booming and though it might feel like your domestic set-up has halted, there will be more growth starting on the 10th May. You can set intentions for the journeys to be had over the coming year on the 8th – you may reach your destination via long-haul or the higher mind may deliver you to the place you seek…


Cancer: 21 June – 22 July

Cancer crew are on a mission to spread their message and network, connecting the dots in 2016. Despite progress being drawn out you’ll get a hint of what’s to come on the 10th and 22nd, when partners could help put you in touch with the right people and your progress is clear – celebrate what you’ve done so far, so good. Powerful moments with loved ones can present themselves on the 5th and 6th – it could get deeply emotional and stir the senses beyond belief, and then the outcome could be ground breaking. It’s all about your relationships now Cancer, they’re really in the spotlight, how you deal with ‘others’. The new moon presents an opportunity to think about the place of power in your life, consider how you give your resources to others and how you’d like to receive support from others…


Leo: 23 July – 22 August

Your financial position could have taken a lovely turn at the end of 2015, and luck is still on your side when it comes to earning power. However, do be patient if things aren’t flowing your way as quickly and abundantly as you’d like – all in good time! The routine element of life is transforming and you’ll see the sweet side of your hard graft in the run up to the Lunar New Year – whether it’s being able to touch your toes in yoga or a positive shift in your office dynamic. By the 10th February it could be clear to you how to open the door to more of the good stuff that you’ll welcome in from 10th May. Your domestic setting is energised, with ardent Mars travelling through the home sector – don’t be hasty signing leasing contracts or relocating rapidly, change is promised and any moves may have to be revisited.


Virgo: 23 August – 22 September

While personal matters and huge projects take shape, make sure to enjoy your personal time and have some fun, Virgo! February is a wonderful month to stretch your imagination and look at your own talents, your self-expression and creative prowess… You’re typically one to indulge in a modest way but over the holidays take the party into your own hands and BE the party! Romance is promised too. It’s likely that you’ve the inclination to talk deeply and have a meaningful connection; conversations will be revisited in the summer so lay the foundations this month. By June and July you’ll be ready to move ahead in another setting. The full moon falls in your sign in the early hours of the 23rd, a wonderful moment to breathe in ‘self’ affirmations and celebrate the special brand of ‘you’ that’s present.


Libra: 23 September – 22 October

This is a fabulous time for Libra ladies and gents to have fun! Whether it’s cosy moments with friends, spending time on your favourite hobby, or trying a new and different creative pursuit, do flex your recreational muscles this month. From the 17th you’ll be feeling super romantic so buddy up for good times with a significant other, lover or gal pal (I know how you love a partner in crime!). It’s also a really good time to make money – you can really energise your finances and dedicate some steam to bringing in the green! Lay foundations now and you may cash in threefold later in the year… You could be extra sleepy on the full moon early hours of the 23rd, so spend the night before in a sacred space and cultivate sweet dreams.


Scorpio: 23 October – 21 November

Personal projects are feeling the full force of your attention now – it’s likely that the energy you spend in February will sow seeds for some fabulous times in June and July! You’ll revisit the ideas and approach set upon now, which could be of a social nature, bringing together your friends and wider group of peers. House and home is an area in the spotlight this month, so if you’re looking to improve your domestic set-up in the next six months consider the possibilities now. Always a fan of intense probing, Scorpio’s might have deep conversations the weekend before CNY – remove the sting before engaging in the talk, words are powerful and so are you!


Sagittarius: 22 November – 21 December

Time to power off for Sagittarius. Mars is heading through the sleepy area of your horoscope, so don’t be surprised if your usual gallivanting is replaced with a more serene pace of life in February. You’re in a great yearly phase to make a big impression on the vocational front; there could be a plan that you have in mind, which will really come together later in the year. In the immediate, you can consider that the most powerful resource is – quite simply – you! A more disciplined approach is paying off and by the second half of the month you’re keen to spread the word. If there’s a special connection you’re looking to be in touch with to help further your career, do reach out on the 5th before the holidays…


Capricorn: December 22 – January 19

Progress and momentum is on the cards for our Capricorn fellows in February, yet the bigger journey could be running on pause. Light is flooding the end of the tunnel, so go through the motions attending to your personal matters and prepare to have a little of future activities revealed on the 10th. This could also be a day to accrue money for your project! The run up to Chinese New Year could herald a consolidation moment for the goats of the zodiac, a time that aligns you with a big shift that you’ve been processing and assimilating these past few years. Do use this weekend to let go of any lingering crap in the cupboards; it could be a lot easier to do so now. Your subconscious holds clues to the next steps on your path so tune in through calm meditation if you can.


Aquarius: 20 January – 18 February

There’s a New Moon in Aquarius on the evening of the 8th February, which is the best moment of the year for the water-bearers of the zodiac to consider their personal mission. You can ponder a hit list for the next six months (what achievements do you want to strike off the list?), and if one area is paying down debt or tackling finances you can expect this to feel a lot better after 10th May. Likewise, if you’re in a position that feels as if the wind has been taken from your sails by another person, this will lift. A force congregates in the area of your chart governing dreams, deep transformation and the subconscious on the 5th and 6th, so pay attention to your sleeping adventures! There could be clues to your inner world and desires.


Pisces: 19 February – 20 March

You might have reason to celebrate your dealings with others this month Pisces, it could be that your relationships have come a long, long way over the last year… Think about your partnerships, but beyond that how you deal with the critics and your opposition. It may be some time before you really feel the big wheels turning and momentum behind your significant relationships, however there is cause to celebrate your personal dealings. Furthermore, friendships are blossoming! Enjoy CNY spending time with your group and cherish the shift that has happened over the past few years to get you to the present. Gather them together on the 5th or 6th, and let go of any negativity that tries to creep in!

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Lead image sourced via Pinterest, Horoscope images by Prince Lauder from Vogue Mexico, sourced via Star Sign Style.

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