12 November, 2015

Sassy Gets a Makeover with Styling Experts at Jean Louis David!

12 November, 2015

We try out this brand new hair salon in the heart of Hong Kong

It takes a lot to stop a Sassy Girl in her tracks, but walking in to Jean Louis David had all five of us wide-eyed and picking our jaws up off the floor. The salon has been specially designed to fit your needs, with three different section. Choose from the Urban service – perfect for that girl on-the-go, the International that’ll preen and pamper you on that long lunch break, or go for a Private Suite ideal as a weekend treat. With its pure white décor and sophisticated, stylish surroundings, we knew that we were in for an unforgettable experience. We made ourself at home in the comfy, styling booths and surrendered ourselves to Lorena Severi and her expert team. Cue, the magic that ensued…



From the minute I entered the chic, modern space at Jean Louis David, I knew something fabulous was about to go down. Stefano and the staff were right on it, warmly greeting us from the second we stepped out of the elevator, and that level of superior customer care continued throughout our stay and until we stepped back into that elevator to go home. I had gone in there not knowing exactly what I wanted for my hair, but I knew that I wanted something fresh, flattering and sexy. When I met Lorena, I knew I would not be disappointed. Not only is Lorena respected and admired as a superstar in the industry, but she exudes this palpable inner confidence and charisma that makes you want to completely surrender your hair to her. And that’s what I did.

Lorena suggested a much shorter cut and lots of balayage highlighting. Having recently had my hair over-processed by an extreme prior bleaching and colour treatment, my hair was in pretty bad shape – dry as wheat with an ash dye-job which had faded to what I like to call “water-colour brush water” colour. Lorena and her team had a big job ahead of them in reviving my sad, damaged hair and restoring a healthier, more glamorous look. After hours spent cutting my hair, carefully colouring my roots, delicately balayage highlighting the rest of my hair and then styling, I emerged looking like a new woman with healthy, vibrant-looking hair and a look that Lorena knew would suit me perfectly. Steve then did a killer job with my makeup which really completed the look!

Lorena is a styling goddess, a rockstar, and a strong, talented woman. She and her fabulous team exceeded my expectations and had me feeling like a Sassy Mama, indeed. I left feeling sexy, feeling revived, feeling like “RAAWWWRRR”! And I’ll definitely be back again. Thank you, Jean Louis David Salon!



I’ve rocked bright blonde locks since before I could crawl, so having Lorena reveal that she could see me as a ‘bella brunette darling’, had me shooting some pretty panicked looks towards the door. But, change is always good (right?) so I closed my eyes and surrendered myself to the salon’s expert styling team, keeping my fingers firmly crossed.

With my hair divided into sections, Lorena explained that she’d be adding in a dark base with a mishmash of light brown colours, ‘balayage darling’, which would be coupled with short, choppy layers and a full French-inspired fringe. This – I must admit – I was excited about. After months of attempting to tame my own fringe with little to no luck (see pic above) I was looking forward to a styled fringe that would actually do as it’s told.

A few rinse and repeats later, the reveal was looming ever closer and after a symphony of hair dryers and curling tongs, I was staring back at a brand new me. I absolutely love this change, and joking aside, felt entirely comfortable under Lorena’s watchful eye. Admittedly it took some getting used to, but the compliments have rolled in and I can safely say that I’ll be returning to JLD to keep up my new look! Turns out, brunettes do have more fun.



I happen to be someone who only gets a haircut 2-3 times a year, which seems like a decent amount, but my mane does need more than I give it. It’s long, thick, curly and frizzy, and really has a life of its own (thank you Hong Kong humidity). My hair usually makes most local hairdressers apprehensive –  so when I had the opportunity to have a hair makeover, I was excited to see what the experts would recommend.

Expert stylist Lorena explained to me that she was going to design my hair (how luxe is that?) by giving me a half keratin treatment and a cut. Applying the treatment to the top layer of my hair would get rid of unwanted volume and keep it manageable, but leaving the bottom layer natural and curly would make it flexible and more vibrant.

I have never had a more therapeutic hair experience. After the hair consultation, I was taken for have a hair wash (in massage chairs no less) and the Keratin treatment was applied. I was also given a mini facial and a hand massage, which I discovered was complimentary with any of the hair treatment… this was a definitely a great way to pass the time while the products set.

I am completely against the super slick straight hair look on my face, which was what I feared the keratin treatment would do. However, I was reassured that it would just make my hair smooth, soft and most importantly – less frizzy. I can honestly say, after having my new hair for the last week or so, that it’s never felt so light and easy to manage. I no longer look like I’m wearing a halloween wig – which is always a plus!



I’ve had long hair ever since I was two years old and I can still remember having pigtails, so going from long to short so suddenly was definitely a surprise!

Going into Jean Louis David, I tried to be as mentally ready as possible for a transformation, but nothing could have prepared me for this! Lorena told me she was chopping most (almost all!) of my hair off and that she was going to cure my oily scalp and frizzy hair with a perm chic treatment. It wasn’t an easy decision for me, and after 45 minutes of convincing and assuring me I would love it – I gave in to Lorena’s vision.

That being said, I was still edgy every time she picked up her scissors to shape it and give it the “full volume look” (said in her Italian accent). With the whole hairdo complete, I have to say that… I am definitely the biggest fan of my new look! Not is it super easy to maintain my hair now, but weeks later it still looks like I’ve had it styled at a hair salon and all I’ve truly done is shampoo-ed and air-dried. To me, that’s definitely the sign of a good hair cut!



I’m pretty “safe” when it comes to doing my hair. I’ve had shoulder length hair for as long as I can remember, and I tend not to dye it or do much to it, except put some layers in at the bottom. So I was looking forward to seeing what look Lorena would give me! Surely it wouldn’t stray too far from the look every other stylist had gone for in the past…

Boy, was I wrong! Lorena promised me high-fashion and short. Super short. Like up to my ears short, along with a keratin treatment to de-frizz the frizz at the front and some red highlights using the balayage technique. This was very different to what I was used to, but I’m in love with it and have had so many compliments on my new look. This was definitely a refreshing change!


A huge thank you to the team at Jean Louise David!

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