16 August, 2014

Ron Tsang Make-Up: A beauty extravaganza and a bit of a girly goss

16 August, 2014

You might mistake this Tai Hang loft for a chic, rustic café, but you’d be wrong! It’s actually the hair and make-up studio of Ron Tsang, a Hong Kong based make-up artist with an infectious passion for beauty.


I was greeted by Ron’s PR team of two with a Nespresso latte and shown around her funky space, decorated with hanging rustic light bulbs, colourful cushions and her aunt’s repurposed Tiffany Green front door that served as one of the coolest dividers I’ve ever seen. Ron has always loved quirky antique fixtures and hoarded these items at home until she opened her own studio last year and was able to create a unique space that reflects her innate creativity.

Before and after shots 

Ron got married in 2008 and not only loved having her make-up artist and hair team share in her special day, but she was also touched by how amazing the finished product made them feel. She decided to get qualified as a result and to help empower brides on their wedding day. Her core belief is that “beauty is timeless” and that make-up should bring out natural beauty rather than transforming them into someone they’re not.

As I sat in the make-up chair, the studio’s soft natural lighting made me feel like a celebrity getting ready for the red carpet. Before we got started, Ron asked about my wedding location, ceremony and what my dress was going to look like so she could create the perfect look for me.


Ron had created a few different options on paper and taped them onto the mirror before we got started, then she started cleansing and moisturising my face.


Ron made me feel like I was hanging out at a friend’s apartment for the entire time and I wish I had a few more girlfriends with me and a glass of bubbles! Luckily for those of you going in the future, there’s a long table with seating for six and a love seat as well, which makes it perfect place to rally the wedding troop around you and even have a hen-party.


Besides being onsite on the day of the wedding, Ron offers classes for the bridesmaids who often do their own make-up. I’m actually going to be at a destination wedding and think that a make up pre-wedding party with Ron would be a great gift for my girls, so that they have a few tips and tricks to help them out on the day.


Image by Fannfoto

If you’re having a destination wedding and want a fabulous pampering session, grab your favourite high tea nibbles and book a day with Ron!

Book an appointment with Ron today through her contact details below! She’s also one of our Top Wedding Make-Up Artists in Hong Kong, see who else made the cut here.

Ron Tsang Make-Up, Rontsang’s Loft Make-Up Studio, Flat B, M/F, Sai See Mansion, No. 20-22 Wun Sha Street, Tai Hang, Hong Kong, 9273 1517, www.rontsangmakeup.com

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