18 July, 2012

Rodial Brazilian Tan – fake the perfect glow celeb-style!

18 July, 2012

Had a long week in the office and no time to prepare for the party on the weekend? Are your legs looking pastier than you’d like? Well… I have just made your life/beauty regime THAT much easier! After testing Rodial’s Brazilian Tan lotion, there’s no need for a spray tan and certainly no need for sunning yourself… After all, sunless tans are the new cool!

In all honesty, as embarrassing as it sounds, I am a sucker for celebrity endorsements – whatever it is, I’m sold (although you probably won’t admit it, you probably are as well!). So when I heard just who was using Rodial Brazilian Tan, I had to try it. If celebs such as Kimmy K, J-Lo and Rosie-Huntington Whitely are using this, I’m sure it must be doing something right! Could this really be the crème de la crème of fake tans?

Rodial’s self-tan isn’t called Brazilian for nothing. After applying this tan once a week, you will notice the gradual build of dark Latino-esque sun kissed skin. I tried the Dark variety but if you want a more subtle effect, go for either the Light or Clear types.

The lotion comes in an appealing aqua bottle that’s simple yet attractive. I applied the caramel looking gel to my legs and noticed immediate results, with it turning from a dark colour to a cream-like lotion almost instantly. The product is thin and smooth, making what normally is a tedious regime surprisingly easy.  The instant tinted tan delivers a streak free finish – a dream fake tan if you ask me!

A good tip to note is to make sure you wait until the cream is completely dry before you put on another layer, otherwise the thinness of the cream can cause the top layer of the existing lotion to come off.

Unlike many fake tans I have tried in the past, Rodial is highly moisturising, which is perfect for a climate like HK. It gives a healthy glowing look and acts as a perfect substitute to moisturisers – tanned and hydrated all in one, result! The tan is realistic and it has a lovely highlighting gloss to it too.

Now, I’m sure you’re all wondering about the scent as the majority of fake tans have particularly potent smells that are enough to put anyone off. I would be lying if I said Rodial’s Brazilian Tan didn’t have a strong scent, but what sets it aside from most other tans is that the smell is like candy – sweet and irresistible in my book!

With great products comes a great price and Rodial’s Brazilian Tan is certainly not cheap… but you pay for quality right? At $480, I can guarantee that it’s all quality and worth the extra spend, especially as decent fake tans are pretty hard to come by in HK.

Rodial’s Brazilian Tan is a bottled up solution to your weekend tan fix – sunless tans really are the new cool!

Rodial Brazilian Tan, $480, exclusively available at Joyce Beauty. See all Joyce Beauty locations in Hong Kong here.

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