17 July, 2012

Rue Madame – French boutique chic in HK!

17 July, 2012

If you are an expat, you are sure to relate with this familiar tale. You packed up and moved to Hong Kong and, once here, were disappointed with the mid-range shopping in existence. It can seem that you are only surrounded by big name designer brands and their polar opposites (i.e. the street market!). Where are those affordable wearable brands for every day? Although it seems to have got a bit better with every year as more overseas brands move in, I recently discovered Rue Madame – and if you didn’t know it already, you are in for a treat!

Ariane Zagury had this exact same issue when she first came to HK – the only difference was that she decided to do something about it, and thus Rue Madame was born! Ariane hailed from the financial world but had been raised by a family of textiles retailers in France so she was already familiar with the fashion scene. She missed the boutiques of Paris and wanted to create a store here in Hong Kong where she could shop for some of her favorite French brands. Rue Madame carries clothes and accessories from several labels including Antik Batik, Ba&sh, Brigitte Bardot, Innamorato, Maje, Leenoy, Les Petites, Rodier and Sandro. There are even a few items for the kiddies too, including some very sweet matching mother and daughter dresses!

There were so many gorgeous colours and sumptuous fabrics on display that it was hard for me to pick my favourites! Among the vast range of wearable separates and appropriate workwear was one royal blue dress (also available in black) by Rodier that I can’t seem to shake! The shape is so forgiving with a fuller skirt and a tie around the waist that I just know this would be the perfect dress for a dinner out with co-workers or even an afternoon wedding. Rodier also offers pants with this same tie eliminating the issue of trying to find a suitable belt.

If you are in need of a great summer dress, then check out the variety available at Rue Madame. This printed red shirtdress by Les Petites would be amazing for work or weekends… And how cute is this little teal and white number too?! It’s just begging to be worn at a lazy champagne-infused summer brunch!  Another summer fave of mine was this saffron-skirted number by Rodier; it would be equally cute with little leather lace-ups as it would be with a stacked platform penny loafers.

Be sure to also try on the supple leather jackets by Innamorato. Once I touched the arm of the coat, I just couldn’t seem to let go! These would pair perfectly with skinny jeans and summer dresses alike – those raging HK air cons are no match for this lovely leather!

Rue Madame can accessorize any outfit you choose with adorable bracelets and necklaces by Cuisine Francaise.  The leather woven throughout the metal bands adds an earthy cool to the otherwise girlie gold hues.

If you are craving a little Parisian-chic boutique shopping, then stroll over to Rue Madame at one of their three locations and stock up on all that is tres belle! I know from a recent shopping experience that the staff are incredibly helpful and they have a wide range of styles and sizes available too. Au revoir!

Check out more photos of Rue Madame’s summer looks on our Facebook album!

Photos by Sabrina Sikora Photography

Rue Madame locations in Hong Kong:

Shop 117-118, 1/F, Lee Gardens 2, 28 Yun Ping Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, 2972 2021
Shop 3088, Podium 3, IFC Mall, 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong, 2234 7780


4 thoughts on “Rue Madame – French boutique chic in HK!

  1. Hi

    i am in the process of opening a boutique in South Africa and i will be visiting Hong Kong next week Wednesday at the home of finding high end fashion clothing to stock for women including accessories (shoes, bags, bangles etc).

    i however have no clue as to which suppliers are out there that i need to go meet. im looking at something similar to Rue Madame`s type of stock and i would appreciate anyone from Hong kong that can help me source these type of labels.

    Please get back to me soonest. Thank you
    [email protected]

  2. Great article on Rue Madame! However, women who are into clothes already are very aware of this shop and its location both at Lee Gardens and IFC! I thoroughly enjoy your website for the pleasure of getting info on some great hidden gems or bargains ( ie., eyelash extensions, nail bar) that you wrote on previously. But when I see ones that are ‘just discovered’ by your team when it was there all along ( including the Mac eyebrow article) I cannot help but feel as if its written by people who haven’t lived in Hong Kong for more than 3 years. Sorry if I sounded rude but just wanted to add my two cents cuz I think your website can become even more enjoyed by the mass!

  3. Hi Sandy

    Thanks for all your comments and happy to hear that you’re a fan of Rue Madame!

    We last talked about Rue Madame on the site back in 2010 so thought it was definitely time for a refresher article, especially for people who may not have been aware of the store before. However, for those readers that are, it is a great chance to get to see their new summer items, especially since Sabrina’s photos are so great.

    Although we do have a lot of girls, like you, who have been in HK a long time, we also have a lot of newcomers reading Sassy so we are always trying to balance reviewing new places, old favourites and finding hidden treasures – and if you have suggestions for any places we haven’t covered, please do send them in!

    As for MAC, I have to confess that even though I have been in HK well over 3 years, I was not aware they did brow shaping either as it is not something that promote heavily in-store on online (unlike Benefit). We are ALWAYS being asked where are the best places in HK to get your brows shaped, so we wanted to get a review of MAC up on the site so it’s in our archives for readers to find when they are searching for places to go!

    Hope you keep carry on enjoying reading Sassy and keep commenting!

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