The Best Relationship Podcasts For Love, Sex & Dating Advice

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U Up?

U Up? is the ultimate millennial dating podcast filled with the hilarious voices of Betches co-founder Jordana Abraham and comedian Jared Freid. Anyone looking for easy-to-listen-to, light-hearted perspectives on the chaotic dating world of today will love this show. Jordan and Jared attempt to make sense of the technologically inundated dating world we live in today, from analysing dating app interactions to defining a relationship, and all the confusing stages in between.

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Why Won’t You Date Me?

Ever-entertaining (and perpetually single) Nicole Byer is on a quest to get to the bottom of why she has been single for decades. Each week, she invites someone new – a comedian, childhood friend or ex-fling – and asks them questions about their dating life, with notable guests including Rachel Bloom (Crazy-Ex Girlfriend), Jameela Jamil (The Good Place) and Trixie Mattel (RuPaul’s Drag Race). She then proceeds to ask the guests to critique her online dating profiles and question whether or not they would date her. Byer characterises her show as all about “the troubles of dating as a comedian, as a black woman, as a fat lady”, but this show is a match for anyone who wants to learn more about dating, relationships and love more generally – and perhaps find their own answers to why they are single.

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Kinda Dating

Not quite sure what you’re doing on a dating app or why you’ve decided to download it in the first place (but you continue to swipe anyway)? This podcast is for you. Natasha Chandel invites some of the most diverse guests in the podcasting realm like best-selling author Mark Manson and Bollywood superstar Sunny Leone, as well as her own parents and exes, to break down one dating question per episode. There are no patronising formulas or advice given in this podcast, it simply offers a casual exploration of common problems experienced in dating.

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My Worst Date

Each week, hosts Keegan, Cassi and Christina come together to share their personal experiences in navigating the dating world and read out disaster date stories from listeners. Unlike many relationship podcasts, My Worst Date doesn’t include advice, it simply shares the horrors of dating within modern society. This podcast is just like gossiping about your dating life with your friends over drinks. For all you true crime lovers out there, each episode ends with a segment called “Crazy in Love”, that will leave you reassured that your dating experiences are not so bad after all.

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Where Should We Begin?

Iconic couples therapist Esther Perel invites you to step into her office and listen to the anonymous tales of real couples in this enlightening podcast. Where Should We Begin? is not only a show that makes you privy to intimate stories of infidelity and loss, but is also the place to go if you need help feeling empowered in your relationship. In Esther’s own words, we get to “learn, explore and experience alongside the couples who have been gracious enough to let us in”. Each episode teaches you something new or makes you think about your own relationships in a brand new light.

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The Mating Grounds

Relationship podcasts aren’t just for women! The Mating Grounds is marketed as the perfect podcast for any man interested in learning how to be successful with women, dating and relationships (but can also be dropped as a hint to the man in your life who needs a little help in the romance department). This podcast is the love child of bestselling author Tucker Max and renowned evolutionary psychologist Professor Geoffrey Miller, so if you’re particularly interested in the science behind dating – this one’s for you! Through interviews with the world’s leading experts in human sexuality, genetics, behavioural studies and psychology, Tucker and Geoffrey explain, in a clear and actionable way, how to improve yourself in sex, dating and relationships.

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Love + Radio

Despite what the name may suggest, Love + Radio isn’t exclusively about relationships (although many of its episodes are about dating and marriage). If anything, it highlights the vastness and complexity of the human experience, and spotlights unique stories that arise out of seemingly mundane life. This podcast doesn’t try to teach its audiences anything in particular, but is honest about topics that aren’t often spoken about. The show presents a world of unconventional characters that make you realise that no one is quite how they seem. Each story unfolds with depth and intimacy, no matter how sad or shocking its conclusion is.

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Why Oh Why

Why Oh Why has become a must-listen for all the single ladies out there, with host Andrea Silenzi being consistently relatable to those struggling to find the right partner. The podcast is especially comforting to those who have experienced a recent breakup, but the honest and uncompromising discussions make it entertaining to all. Each episode sees Andrea speaking with friends, experts and random guys in bars about love and sex, each story blurring the line between memoir and fiction.

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Each episode of Strangers features true stories from the connections we make and heartbreaks we may suffer, and the miniseries “Love Hurts” is particularly poignant for anyone in the dating world. The miniseries was created by award-winning producer Lea Thau in 2014 after her fiancé left her while she was pregnant with their child. In each episode, Lea sits down with the men who rejected her and asks them to explain why they weren’t interested. The miniseries shows that our self-critical thoughts are often products of our imagination, and the real reasons behind someone’s rejections are far less harsh than they may first appear. If you’re left wanting more, the rest of the episodes from the main Strangers podcast similarly encourage self-discovery and kindness to ourselves and others.

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Dear Sugars

Growing out of The New York Times’ advice column, this podcast comes with the tagline ‘radical empathy’, and no one does it better than Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond. Their heartfelt responses, filled with unfaltering logic, find a way to make sense of the often-nonsensical complexities that all of us experience within our relationships. What stands out is how both Cheryl and Steve manage to answer listeners in such a warm and respectful manner, no matter how deep or dark the questions may be.

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This is Love

From the producers of coveted true crime podcast Criminal comes This is Love, an optimistic show that seeks to decode how our romances and relationships drive our everyday life. The combination of the beautiful narration from host Phoebe Judge and heart-warming interviews makes for a satisfying listening experience. It is an investigation into the mysteries of love, filled with stories of the ways we sacrifice and risk-it-all for a taste of true romance. When the depressing news and events of the real world become too much to bear, this is the kind of podcast that will fill you up with warmth and hope.

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The Heart

Defined by its creators as an “audio art project about intimacy and humanity” rather than a podcast, it is clear that The Heart has more to offer than just simple audio storytelling. The podcast places non-binary gender, non-traditional relationships, the queer experience and sex-positivity at the centre of its stories, each one reflecting on love, identity and selfhood. Delving into topics that other relationship podcasts may shy away from, The Heart has featured episodes looking at sex and disabilities, as well as a series focusing on darker topics such as childhood abuse and what is left behind when love dies. With its beautiful storytelling, it’s no surprise that the show has garnered a wide fan base, alongside wins and nominations for a number of recognised radio awards.

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This is Why You’re Single

This podcast is based on the snarky relationship advice book This is Why You’re Single by hosts and comedians Laura Lane and Angela Spera. It tackles topic such as dating with disabilities or while transitioning, being an introvert and single shaming in today’s society, all conveyed through what the hosts like to call “best friend advice”. In 2020, Laura and Angela rebranded the podcast and dropped the “Why You’re Single” part of the title to now include advice on pop culture, news, politics, workplace dynamics and more. But the podcast continues to include dating advice, and you’ll always have the backlog of over five years of past episodes that focus exclusively on relationships.

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Modern Love

Another podcast derived from a New York Times column, Modern Love is sure to make you fall in love at first listen. Through brilliant conversations and storytelling, it explores the complicated love lives of real people attempting to build relationships within modern society. It also features a colourful array of guest storytellers, from Alicia Keys to Tan France, so not only are you able to enjoy love stories from people all over the world, but also hear them from the mouths of your favourite celebrities. If after binging all the episodes you’re left wanting more, you’ll be happy to know that Modern Love was adapted into a TV miniseries in late 2019 on Amazon Prime, and has been renewed for a second season.

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