24 August, 2011

Pole Dancing Beginners Course at Pure

24 August, 2011

For me the scariest part about pole dancing is actually attending the first class. I am a pole dancing virgin and I am so scared to go to a class because I fear that I will be the only newbie around. In my mind I imagine other more seasoned girls twirling, flipping and doing whatever it is that you are supposed to do on the pole while I play catch up learning the moves all while attempting to look “sexy”.

What I really need is a course where I can start at day 1 with the rest of the class. A place where everyone is a bit nervous, apprehensive and totally excited about learning something new. If you have pole dancing apprehension like me then you should totally sign up for Pure’s beginner course that they will be having in September/October. The course meets for 6 sessions every Saturday from 3-4pm and it is being taught by Tessa Yung who is the 2010 and 2011 Hong Kong/China Pole Dancing Champion (so I think it is safe to say she knows what she is doing!).

Spaces are limited to 16 people on a first come first serve basis so if you are interested then it is probably best to sign up now. The course is available to both Pure Cardholders and Non-Cardholders and the price seems really good for the 6 sessions.  To register or to get more information call 8129 2228.

The Details
When: Every Saturday from the 17 September – 22 October
Time: 3pm – 4pm
Where: Pure Fitness Admiralty
Price: Pure Cardholders – $360 for 6 sessions, Non-Pure Cardholders – $720 for 6 sessions
To Register: Call 8129 2228
What to Wear: Comfortable workout gear (ex: short tights for better grip on the pole), bare feet or heels. Try not to use body lotion before class!


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