24 January, 2019
Sassy Speaks Episode Two: You Do You
Sassy Speaks Episode Two: You Do You
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Sassy Speaks Episode Two: You Do You

24 January, 2019
Sassy Speaks Episode Two: You Do You

This week, we’re sitting down with Bertha Chan and Ziggy Makant to talk all about self love, confidence and how to just do you.

We’ve been your guide for all things Hong Kong for the last ten years, and to celebrate, we’ve decided to take the leap into the brave new world of podcasting! Each week we’ll sit down with two amazing guests to have candid conversations on a whole host of topics that you’ve told us you want to hear more about. There’ll be a new episode every Thursday (up to and including 21st March) so be sure to subscribe to us on iTunes or your favourite podcasting platform so you don’t miss a thing.

From constant promotion of skin lightening treatments, to all the weight loss procedures advertised on the MTR, we are constantly surrounded by all kinds of toxic messaging in Hong Kong. How can we cut through this and just be own our true selves? This topic is incredibly close to our hearts, so in this episode we’re talking to two of our favourite candid and inspiring women, Bertha Chan and Ziggy Makant, who have been using their voice on social media to bring a unique and honest perspective to existing as a person in this city. The good, the bad and the ugly, nothing is off limits in this conversation.

(N.B: this episode contains discussions of some sensitive topics, such as abortion, eating disorders and postpartum depression. Listener discretion is advised).

Sassy Speaks Episode Two: You Do You

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About Our Guests:

Ziggy Makant is an experienced and certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor who is passionate about pre and post-natal health care. You can connect with her through her website, Zig FitMama, or on Instagram @zig.fitmama.

Bertha Chan is a body positivity activist, plus size fashion blogger and the founder of Curvasian, a platform to highlight diverse and inclusive content across Asia. You can find her on Instagram @curvasian or @berthachandotcom.

Useful Links and Some Extra Reading:

  • If you need some badass female inspo, aside from our amazing guests, follow Mia Kang on Instagram – she’s a model, professional muay thai fighter, body positivity activist and one of our biggest girl crushes.
  • Despite being a difficult read, we can’t recommend Hunger by Roxane Gay enough.
  • We love, love, love the steps ASOS is taking to enhance inclusivity across its clothing. Read more about the brands accessible line here, and its updated range of nude shades here.
  • Nosedive (one of our favourite episodes of Black Mirror) is a great way to remind yourself of the perils and pitfalls of social media. It could be the kick you need to put down your phone for a few hours a day!
  • In need of some pep in your step? We’ve put together a playlist of some of Team Sassy’s favourite pump up songs, for when you’re feeling a little low. Check it out below!

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