7 July, 2014

Personalised beauty at the DFS Beauty Concierge on Canton Road, Kowloon

7 July, 2014
Tucked away between various beauty counters in T Galleria on Canton Road is the store’s Beauty Concierge. This bespoke suite of beauty services awaits to whisk you away for some serious pampering, spruce you up for a night out with a fabulous makeover or simply help you find the right daily skin routine. The Beauty Concierge is absolutely the place to get a very thorough beauty assessment. Think of it as a personal trainer for your skin and yes, they will be brutally honest! But here’s the best bit… their services are absolutely free when you book in advance! Eager to find out just what you get for zero coins, I quickly signed up for a 45-minute signature package, which included a full skin analysis and facial.

My session began with an informal chat with my beauty consultant Bella. We discussed my daily beauty regime, which currently involves applying a little Nivea cream to my face – a la Kate Winslet. Naturally, Bella was horrified (well, it works for Kate!) that I did not regularly exfoliate, cleanse or tone. Oops! Surely, it’s not entirely necessary right? Enter the VIsIA analysis machine to prove me wrong.

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This all-singing, all-dancing gizmo uses advanced technology to provide a detailed on-screen skin evaluation and a printed report. What’s more, you will not find it in any other department store in HK. Simply input your details, pose for three photos and voila, your results appear instantly. One’s skin is evaluated on various levels from wrinkle volume to UV damage, texture and pore quality and then ranked against your demographic. Thankfully, I did well on wrinkles and texture (yes!) but shockingly bad on UV damage and pores (eek!). Looking a little crestfallen, I was assured by Bella that with the right products and a change to my beauty routine (which, let’s face it, was verging on non-existent) I could help improve my average.

With the evaluation complete, I was ushered back into the foyer with a glass of Perrier (sweet and savoury snacks from the Langham Hotel were also on offer) as my therapist prepared a customised facial based on the results. I also expressed an interest in using organic products where possible and my therapist was happy to oblige.

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It was not long before I was escorted to the clean and comfortable treatment room. My therapist began with a gentle massage to wake up my skin, before treating me to two masks of five and ten minutes to cleanse and moisturise. This was followed by a heavenly face warming massage, an intensive eye mask to help reduce my red areas (another low mark for me), and some cleansing milk with intensive lip balm to finish. All wonderful, except for the air con levels which were positively arctic and needed a serious adjustment, especially when wearing a ten minute cooling mask! When I alerted my therapist to this, she happily accommodated and also brought me another towel.

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With my treatment complete, I was briefed on the products and I paid special attention to the organic and all-important SPF goods. There were, however, far too many for my fully relaxed brain to remember (a little print out would have been perfect), so I took a quick shot on my phone instead.


Before sending me on my way, I was treated to a little touch of base foundation and a whip of mascara so I was good to go. Even before my mini makeover, my skin was positively gleaming and I felt clean, fresh and ready for the weekend. Overall, the Beauty Concierge was an insightful and enjoyable experience, which for zero dollars should absolutely be explored. And there is one thing for sure; it has certainly made me think twice about my Nivea-once-a-day routine!

The DFs T Galleria Beauty Concierge offers a range of complimentary skin analyses, facials, massages, make-up lessons, makeovers and personal shopping experiences. For more information click here! All services are complimentary and by appointment only via phone on 2302 6710 or by email at [email protected].

DFS T Galleria Hong Kong, G/F-2/F, Lippo Sun Plaza, 28 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong, www.dfs.com

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