23 June, 2010
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Olivia and the YWCA

23 June, 2010

My younger sister Heather and her daughter Olivia (the LOVE of my life) have been visiting me here in Hong Kong for the past week.  They’re actually leaving today (sigh) to head back home to Miami, Florida.  It’s always so much fun to have visitors who’ve never been out here before.  We got to do all the fun touristy things that I often forget about and  truthfully avoid because of the crowds.

Anyway, Olivia is just over a year and a half old.  So I really had to get my house baby ready for her visit. I loaded up on children’s books, bought toys for the bathtub, stocked my fridge with all sorts of organic yogurts and snacks.  I have to admit it was kind of fun shopping around for baby things!

Since Heather and the baby traveled all the way from Miami (about 24 hours of travel time), she didn’t want to have to lug the stroller and car seat across the world.  I don’t blame her considering she made the long journey solo with Olivia and already had to deal with their carry -ons, the baby and their luggage.

So I decided that I would ask friends (via a status update on Facebook) if I could borrow these baby necessities.  Come to find out, my friend Kate got back to me and let me know that the YWCA actually rents out car seats and strollers for a really reasonable rate of  $20 a day.  Without hesitation I made the booking and Lil Olivia has been all around Hong Kong comfortably  and safely in her stroller and car seat!

Whenever I think of the YWCA I always think of their great courses like  atHome (where I actually met Hester and Maura).  I had no idea that they had services like renting baby equipment (portable cots, high chairs playpens…). It’s great to know if you have anyone coming for a visit with a little one!

Well, I’ve had the best week ever with Heather and Olivia. We had a blast going to all the markets, visiting Disneyland and Ocean Park, indulging on Dim Sum lunches almost everyday, staying up late chatting and laughing, and  just being together here in Hong Kong.  This rainy morning definitely isn’t going to make our goodbye any easier…

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