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Mrs. Jones Restaurant & Bar

UPDATE: Mrs Jones is now closed.

There is something about having a nice long lunch with a friend. I had one of those lunches today at Mrs. Jones, which is a place I have wanted to eat at for a while – so it was pretty much a win-win situation for me!

Mrs. Jones is a cozy Italian restaurant on the corner of Pottinger and Wyndham Street. The restaurant was inspired by Billy Paul’s jazz song “Me & Mrs. Jones” and jazz is played throughout the restaurant, which was perfect for a lingering lunch. They sometimes have live jazz music playing which I think would be a perfect accompaniment for an after dinner drink.

I was starving when I arrived so I was very much looking forward to a delicious meal and Mrs. Jones did not disappoint. We started off with the garlic bread which I basically devoured and while it was very good I suggest bringing breath mints for after 🙂 For lunch I had the crab and prawn ravioli and my friend had Chicken Parmesan, which has always been one of my favourite dishes. Although we were stuffed after our main course we convinced ourselves that we could find enough room for dessert. Being a chocolate lover I ordered the Chocolate fudge cake and my friend ordered the Lemon Tart. The Lemon Tart was the hands down winner of the entire meal – it was so good!

The prices are very reasonable and they have a set lunch for $98, which is very good. Also, they have no corkage fee on Sunday evenings!

Stop by Mrs. Jones and have a drink with us at our Sassy Hour on November 5th!

Mrs. Jones, Upper Basement, Harllela House, 79 Wyndham Street, Central (2522 8118)

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