26 August, 2013

Mosey & Lark raincoats – beat those Hong Kong showers!

26 August, 2013
mosey and lark raincoats hong kong dcg

From the sweltering Hong Kong heat to our precariously vertical streets, this city can be quite a challenge. Add in typhoon season, which seems to last all summer, and I rapidly become a damp, sweaty mess trudging up and down the hills of this crazy city that I love, a forlorn and frankly useless umbrella having proved no obstacle to a Hong Kong rainstorm. However, I recently found one goody (thanks to a tip from editor-extraordinaire Rach) to make the climb a bit more manageable… and fashionable! Meet Mosey & Lark!

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Launched in July, Mosey & Lark is your ideal answer for how to look cute in the soaking Kong! Hong Kong-based designer Idah Turner (who’s also one of the brains behind fashion boutique Tiare) has created the perfect raincoat, the Edinburgh (named after the famously drizzly Scottish capital), in a range of three unique graphic prints. The fabrics are not only waterproof but are also treated with an additional waterproof coating, whilst the seams have all been machine heat-sealed to ensure that you stay looking dry and fab even in a T8!

Curious to see just what these rain warriors were made of, I snagged a few to try on and style in a range of ways. Raincoats are typically known as large drab sheaths of plastic in unflattering shapes and colours, but Mosey & Lark’s city slickers flip that notion on its head! I was immediately taken with the cute pea coat-like buttons down the front, whilst the cut is flattering and the belt adds just the right amount of shape to your rainwear. The sleeves and hood are a little bit longer than your ordinary jackets and coats, ensuring that all your clothes underneath will stay protected and rain-free. So now you can leave your umbrella at home and free up your hands for more important things… like cups of coffee or ice-cream (or both!).

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But seriously, there are loads of reasons why a raincoat merits a permanent place in your wardrobe. As mentioned previously, you can go hands-free leaving you easily able to hail taxis, juggle phones, hold shopping, haul kiddies and walk dogs. Secondly, there are no brollies to remember to take in and out of bags, store and, let’s be honest, probably lose. Raincoats never flip inside out or blow out of your hands when the wind howls. And, perhaps the best reason of all, raincoats never poke anyone in the eye (insert a collective cheer from tall girls worldwide here!).

Right now, the only way to get your hands on these Mosey & Lark raincoats is by ordering through their website but keep your eyes peeled, as the brand may boast some physical stockists in Hong Kong soon. They cost around $1900 each and delivery is free to most international destinations.

Meanwhile, I think my umbrella carrying days may be over now that I have given these a go! What are you waiting for? There are still plenty more typhoons to come in Hong Kong so grab your new Mosey & Lark raincoat and take the world by storm!

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Photos of Sabrina by Sabrina Sikora Photography

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