27 July, 2021
"Hurry Chocolate Cake" Recipe
"Hurry Chocolate Cake" Recipe

Cook Like A Pro: Eatology’s Chef Vincent Leroux Shares His Quick Microwaveable Chocolate Cake Recipe

27 July, 2021
"Hurry Chocolate Cake" Recipe

Quick, easy and delicious, you don’t even need an oven for this “Hurry Chocolate Cake” recipe from Eatology’s Chef Vincent Leroux …

Is there anything better than an indulgent slice of freshly-baked chocolate cake? We’ll answer that for you – no! There’s not much that chocolate can’t cure in our books, making this quick and easy “Hurry Chocolate Cake” from Eatology’s Chef Vincent Leroux an essential addition to our recipe box. The best part? There’s no oven required, and the whole thing comes together in just 20 minutes!

Ahead, Eatology’s Chef Vincent Leroux shares his nostalgic recipe for “Hurry Chocolate Cake”. Rest assured, it’s Hong Kong-kitchen friendly and suitable for beginners!

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Chef Vincent Leroux, Eatology

“The inspiration for this chocolate cake recipe is the cake I would eat after school when my mum was busy. She would prepare this chocolate cake in 20 minutes – this is why I chose the name “Hurry Chocolate Cake”, it reminds me of this moment.”

Chef Vincent Leroux, Eatology

What’s great about this recipe is that it’s super easy to prepare and great for small Hong Kong kitchens – you don’t need a lot to make this. A microwaveable recipe gives you the easiest and most convenient way to whip up a quick tasty treat – I know this one will help satisfy your chocolate dessert cravings!

"Hurry Chocolate Cake" Recipe

Hurry Chocolate Cake


For the cake
200g dark chocolate
125g butter
125g sugar (for a healthier alternative, you can use 125g monk fruit sweetener)
3 medium eggs
60g flour
20g hazelnut powder
1 tsp instant yeast
2 tbsp water

For the glaze
100g dark chocolate
25g butter
2 tbsp heavy cream



  • Melt the chocolate with some water in a hot steam bath (i.e. using the bain-marie method or with a double boiler).
  • Add butter in with the chocolate and whisk together until it has a smooth texture.
  • In a separate bowl, mix together the eggs and sugar. Whisk until mixture becomes pale in colour.
  • Drizzle in the flour, hazelnut powder and yeast.
  • Add the chocolate mixture and mix it in with a spatula.
  • Grease a rectangular microwave-safe mould and transfer the chocolate mix into it. Cover the mold with cling wrap film.
  • Cook for 6 mins on max power in your microwave (1,000 watts).
  • Remove from microwave and let it rest for 5 -10 mins. Remove the cake from the mould.


  • Melt the chocolate with 1 tbsp of water in a microwave-safe bowl. Add the butter and heavy cream.
  • Cook mixture for 40 seconds on max power in microwave (1,000 watts).
  • Mix with spatula until it has a shiny and syrupy consistency.
  • Cover the top of the cake with the glaze.
  • Let it cool down in the refrigerator before serving.

All images courtesy of Eatology.

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