18 June, 2013

Melo Spa – a relaxing trip to Sha Tin

18 June, 2013

Let me give it to you straight – I can’t say I venture out to Sha Tin much. I’ve got nothing against the place, but aside from a recent jaunt to see the 10,000 Buddhas, I mainly just pass through on my way to Shenzhen. With that in mind, when I was invited to check out the Melo Spa at the Hyatt Regency in Sha Tin, I had no clue what to expect; I’d never thought to head that way to visit a spa, so I was intrigued and excited to suss it out.

Feeling like I was off on a sort of mini staycation, I jumped on the MTR hoping to return feeling relaxed and unwound. All in all, the trip took just under an hour from Central (not bad at all!).

After pulling up at University station, I was pleasantly surprised to find that locating the hotel was beyond easy (it’s literally a stone’s throw away). My arrival at Melo Spa was also a piece of cake. As soon as I walked in, I was greeted by the friendly team. They explained what the Botanical Pure Therapy treatment I’d be receiving entailed and made me feel instantly relaxed by serving a phenomenally brewed pot of ginger tea.

Unlike most of the spas I’ve visited in Hong Kong, where treatment rooms have generally been quite small and softly lit, the space at Melo Spa is light, bright and open. Huge windows allowed me to enjoy a view out over the trees, and the spaciousness was both refreshing and relaxing.

The two-hour Botanical Pure Therapy treatment began with a short foot bath, which I thought was a nice touch. Already well on my way to feeling revitalized, a one-hour Melo Aromatherapy Massage using citrus aroma oil (to relax tired muscles) followed. From the scent of the oil, to the pressure and flow of the massage, this was exceptionally good. During the week leading up to the treatment, my neck and shoulders had felt sore and heavy but any tension I’d been carrying was completely banished post-massage; I would honestly travel back to Melo for this part of the treatment alone.

The second hour of the Botanical Pure Therapy package consisted of a June Jacobs Facial. Formulated to revitalize and smooth the skin, the treatment was thoroughly enjoyable at the time, although I’m not sure the June Jacobs product range agreed entirely with my skin as I experienced a stubborn breakout the day afterwards.

The treatment wrapped and I reclined feeling completely recharged and a world away from the 360◦ chaos of Hong Kong. Being tucked away from the sounds of the city without being too far away makes Melo Spa a perfect weekend retreat – I will absolutely be back!

P.S. Feel like making a whole day of it? Why not grab some of the Hyatt Regency’s delicious Peking Duck whilst you’re there! Check out our full review here.

The Melo Aromatherapy Massage costs $920 for 60 minutes; the June Jacobs Spa Collection Facial costs $980 for 60 minutes.

Melo Spa runs special monthly promotions consisting of two treatments (similar to the Botanical Pure Therapy Package Emma received), call 3723 7684 or email melospa@hyatt.com for more details.

Melo Spa, Hyatt Regency Hong Kong, Sha Tin, 18 Chak Cheung Street, Sha Tin, Hong Kong, 3723 7684

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