28 October, 2016
garment hanging in a window
garment hanging in a window
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PAKT: The Perfect Wardrobe Solution for Hard-to-Store Traditional Garments!

28 October, 2016
garment hanging in a window

Make some space in your wardrobe!


Diwali is almost upon us, ladies! Generally, preparing for Diwali means teaming up with my mum to go through all my cupboards and storage boxes to find my Indian outfits in time for the celebrations. However, this time around I got to experience an entirely new way of storing my clothes that’s perfect for my Indian gowns (the layers of tulle underneath really don’t make for easy storage in our spatially challenged Hong Kong homes!), and I’m not exaggerating when I say it has changed my life.

My traditional outfits are so bulky and intricate, and storing them at home has always been an issue. Aftering hunting for a solution, I came across PAKT. The staff at PAKT make pick up, storage and delivery so simple – after trialling the service I’m convinced that I need to get my whole family on board to store all our clothes with them! It was as simple as signing up for an account on their user friendly website and booking an appointment for pick up. Since I had never used PAKT before, I got to add descriptions of the items I was going to give them (and no worries, girls, you can edit your descriptions after your items have been picked up too!) and book a pick up. PAKT are really great about having a lot of date and time options for pick up, so you can easily work around your daily schedule.


My items were picked up by a very friendly PAKT staff member, armed with a fancy suitcase with compartments and lining to ensure my clothes made it to their storage space safe and sound. Peter assured me as he packed my embroidered clutch into its own cloth bag, that each item would be carefully unpacked at the site, photographed and then packed up with tissue paper for storage to keep all the fabrics in perfect condition. I could just tell my garments were in safe hands! My pieces, especially my floor length gown, are very dear to my heart so it was important that I knew they were being taken care of.

diwali outfits

The next day, I got a helpful email from PAKT letting me know that my digital wardrobe had been updated, and all my items had been draped and photographed – I think they did a better job draping my sarees then I normally do! It was great to have such clear, well lit photos of my pieces. We all know that if you don’t look at your clothes for a while, you can forget little details you love about them, but with PAKT’s digital wardrobe, you can fall in love with your pieces all over again.

polaroids of items from PAKT

Knowing that Diwali was right around the corner this week, I made an appointment to have my clothes delivered back home and it was easy as pie! My immaculate clothes were delivered in beautiful boxes and cloth bags, ready to wear right then and there. From start to finish, the delivery process took under 24 hours – pefect for those late notice events that pop up in our calendars! For the real stragglers, they even have same day delivery options that you can arrange directly with them should you need it.

pakt boxes

If you’re like me and own a whole host of traditional or fancy garments, looking into PAKT as your storage solution is a definite Sassy recommendation. Between their friendly staff, impeccable service and intutive online management system, they really are the dream for those bulky pieces that take up 90% of your precious wardrobes! It’s time to hop on board this train, ladies! Hey, this way you’ll have even more room for your new clothes… which was the whole point, right?

Check out PAKT’s awesome services at their website here. Monthly rates are dependent on the type of clothes you store.


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