7 November, 2016
Co-Working Spaces in Hong Kong: Garage Society
Co-Working Spaces in Hong Kong: Garage Society

5 Reasons To Work in a Collaborative Co-Working Space

7 November, 2016
Co-Working Spaces in Hong Kong: Garage Society

Plus a free one-month membership… deets below!


A co-working space is not just for start-ups or new businesses: heck, Sassy has been around in some shape or form since 2009 and we moved in to our digs at Garage Society a little over a year ago.

As the co-working company gears up for the opening of their third space in Sai Ying Pun (scroll down to find out how to win a one-month hot-desking membership!), we thought it fitting to make noise about #SassyLife at Garage Society:

Office space on Queen's Road Central

1. Networking

There are so many brilliant and bright entrepreneurs who work out of our same space. We’ve collaborated with them on so many different things – the #SassyBros of New Seed Creative Consulting lead the charge during our fortnightly Gong Show socials, Claire from The Lion Rock Press has become our go-to for nearly all of our Christmas presents and I’m constantly troubling James at Garage Society if I’m stuck on something in Mailchimp. Nothing beats the community feel of this space… and we’ve made some fabulous friends along the way.

Event Spaces in Central

2. Events

Under the Garage Society umbrella is Garage Academy. Think networking events, seminars, workshops and classes; Garage Society brings well-informed, enlightening and inspiring speakers to host events at both spaces after office hours.

General Assembly works out of their DVR location, and that’s access to a whole other bank of knowledge through workshops, seminars and introductory talks on all things tech… mighty important for us Sassy Sisters as the digital world is constantly evolving!

Garage Society: Des Voeux Road Central

3. Creative Environment

Lost your mojo? There’s an easy solution to that: change your working environment. Both Garage Society spaces have a terrace, and when the weather is stunning, sitting outdoors with your laptop and the sunshine in your face certainly gets your creative juices flowing.

If that doesn’t work, there’s always someone floating around the office that is also taking a break from their work. Team Sassy definitely takes liberties with that and strikes up a conversation with anyone… sometimes it helps clear the cobwebs.

Pink chairs and a yellow SMEG fridge in a pantry

4. Social

Peroni on tap each Friday. Or everyday, amirite? The aforementioned Gong Show is a combination of socialising and networking as we spend time each session getting to know our fellow Garagers.

And everyone’s social reach is far greater with more of us outside of Team Sassy building the community. Case in point: Sassy Girl Tania rallied the troops to spend a lunch time putting together a whopping 17 gift boxes for Box of Hope, a charity that sends them to children in need throughout Asia. That certainly wouldn’t have happened without everyone’s kindness and generosity.

Pantry and amenities in office space

5. Amenities

It’s miles better not having to fix the printer or WiFi if it’s broken, having snacks in the pantry that constantly get refilled and a coffee machine that I most definitely abuse. All the boring office stuff gets taken care of by the lovely staff at Garage Society: from signing for parcels to maintaining the space, and ensuring all Garagers – and Team Sassy – have a happy and harmonious work space. Go #TeamGarage!


If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur starting up a new business and you’re screaming YES to all the above, why not sign up below for the chance to win a free one-month hot-desking membership at Garage Collective, the new space in Sai Ying Pun? If you’re lucky and win, you’ll get to work alongside some awesome people each day! Good luck!

Garage Society, 8/F & 9/F, 33 Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong 

Garage Society, 19/F, 299 Queen’s Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Garage Collective, 158A Connaught Road West, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong

[email protected], www.thegaragesociety.com

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