Go Green: 5 Eco-Conscious Hobbies to Try in 2017

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Get Outdoors

An obvious one, but a super easy place to start. Getting up and outdoors is great for you and the planet! With many low impact and zero-waste activities out there (which have the added plus of being low cost!) there’s no excuse not to explore a little this year.

Whether you aim to check off a few more amazing hikes from your list; start cycling instead of getting so many taxis; or try out something completely new like canoeing; the great outdoors is there for the takin’, girls!

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Green Fingers

Growing your own veggies is another amazing way to do your little bit for the environment this year. Even with Hong Kong’s lack of space and actual gardens, you can still get your green fingers on with the little space that you do have!

Use your roof, balcony, or even just a window sill to grow small veggies like tomatoes and chilies, or easy-to-grow staple herbs. I always have a couple of pots on my (tiny) balcony and it definitely does help on the occasions I do decide to cook! As well as adding a freshness to your home they look super cute, save you money and make it easy to spruce up those midweek dinners.

Not sure where to begin? Rooftop Republic hosts a series of hands-on workshops throughout the year that teach the fundamentals behind growing greens in the HK heat.

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Breath new life into tired furniture by upcycling! The environmental benefits are huge. Aside from minimising the amount of discarded materials and waste, it also reduces the need for production using new or raw materials, which leads to a reduction in air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and so much more.

You’ll also gain an amazing sense of achievement from doing the hard work yourself and ending up with a completely custom piece for your home! So instead of buying new, try upholstering that old sofa that has one too many marks on the armrest, or fashion a coffee table from scrap wood!

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Volunteering for an environmental group is probably one of the most eco-friendly hobbies you can take up this year. These groups are committed to giving back to the planet, with activities out there which include planting trees, organising beach clean-ups, as well as setting up recycling programs.

Especially, here in HK, beach clean up initiatives are close to our hearts. So if you’re longing for those summer beach days, girls now is the time to get involved, help the community and keep our beaches beautiful! You may even make some new likeminded friends while you’re at it.

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Design Your Own Clothes

Knitting, crocheting or sewing can be a super green hobby, so step away from “fast fashion” brands and try your hand at making your own clothes! You can even use recycled items and materials for your projects by unravelling items that were previously knitted, or by cutting old clothing into strips to sew with (just make sure they’re your own first!)

If your efforts aren’t quite ready to be shown off and modelled by yourself, keep in mind that you can always get creative and turn your work into cute and cheap toys for your furry friends too!

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