22 December, 2015
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Click and Grow – No green thumb? No problem!

22 December, 2015

Home-grown herbs with zero effort

Living in Hong Kong has its ups and downs – we love this city unconditionally but despite trying to make the most of our little homes, we do find ourselves wishing we had the funds for a huge garden, draped in fairly lights and dandelions. Perhaps the next best thing will do… This is one for all the girls who pin endlessly and dream of having their own little terrace filled with flowers and herbs –  Click & Grow has you covered. ‘No green thumb? No problem’!

click and grow 4

I’ve always loved the idea of growing my own herbs, throwing in a dash of basil here and a pinch of rosemary there (freshly plucked of course), and although I’m not exactly kitchen-savvy, I’ve tried many-a-time to embrace my inner Jamie Oliver, only to find that I’d forgotten that plants need water… and sunlight… and that typhoons and window sills don’t exactly mix (RIP coriander). So when Click & Grow made a little delivery to Sassy HQ I jumped at the chance to take the product for a test drive, sucked in by the notion of ‘letting technology do all the work’ and to grow herbs ‘with zero effort’.

Assembling the Smart Garden really was just as the name suggests, you click in the plant capsules and the plant starts to grow. Complete with its own controlled lamp which adjusts its brightness depending on the time of day, you simply plug it in, fill with water and let the specially developed soil do the rest. Packed with a potion of water, oxygen and nutrients, you’re expected to see your sproutlings within three to four weeks.

click and grow 1

It was day four when my basil started to poke through the soil, and you’d think that I’d just found a goose laying golden eggs on top of its stalks. My house-mate received constant day-to-day visual updates and my boyfriend couldn’t believe that it hadn’t died ‘of natural causes’ a week in…

By week three I had three, fully fledged basil plants and I’ll tell you, my spaghetti bolognese has never been the same – revolutionary. With heaps of options including chillies, tomatoes, thyme and even peppermint to choose from, your kitchen game is about to reach an entirely new level. Even if herbs aren’t your thing, Click & Grow supply gorgeous flower seeds that’ll have that tiny home of yours smelling sweet. You can even plant catnip – I’m not kidding! You’ll have one very happy kitty.

Whether you fancy yourself a bit of a foodie, or simply want to freshen up your flat, the Click & Grow makes the perfect addition to our tiny Hong Kong homes. Great as a unique gift, it’s perfect for those who would love the connivence of a self-watering plant (although, you will need to top it up every couple of weeks – don’t forget that!). I’m honestly a little obsessed with mine and can’t wait to give my strawberries a shot in the new year. Fresh fruits for days…


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