21 May, 2014
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KEE Club’s Organic Dim Sum – taste the green!

21 May, 2014

KEE Club is known for it’s beautiful interior, delicious food and fantastic cocktails. That’s why I couldn’t pass up the opportunity when I was invited to try out their brand new organic menu! It’s always great to hear when our favourite F&B spots are going green. If you’re lucky enough to be a part of this private members club, this is one new menu you won’t want to miss out on.


KEE Club’s décor is the epitome of sophistication, boasting fabulous artwork and a luxurious amount of space. The attention to detail is obvious, and this was even more evident when I was shown to our lunch table. A long white tablecloth was strewn with a stunning array of fresh produce – from gleaming red tomatoes to beautiful purple kale – it was better than bouquets of flowers! I loved this creative display, which hinted at the exquisite food to come.

Chef Roland Levy is known for creating delicious dishes at KEE Club, and this new menu gives his already stellar cooking a healthy twist. Using seasonal organic vegetables from Professor Andrew Lam’s EcoFarm, Chef Roland has created dishes that taste even better than usual because of the high quality of the ingredients. We began with a selection of dim sum (yum!) that tasted super fresh and light.


All the flavours that we know and love from dim sum combined with the organic vegetables made for some of the best tasting dumplings I’ve had in a while! The flavours were so defined and it was nice to know that there was actual nutritional value in what I was eating. The steamed seafood and vegetable dumpling was a highlight, as were the pan-fried pork and baby cabbage dumplings.


Also available on KEE Club’s dim sum menu is the turnip and conpoy cake (which I’m not usually a fan of). It was near the best I’ve ever had and actually tasted quite different to the run-of-the-mill turnip cake. Not to mention the spring rolls, which didn’t feel greasy and oily, but fresh and crunchy. All these delicious and nutritious dim sum are priced at $26 each – definitely worth it!


To really appreciate the high standards of the vegetables from EcoFarm, we then were served a dish of mixed steamed organic vegetables. This included choy sum, green lettuce, kalian, pak choy, swiss chard, kale, beetroot and artichoke… I felt like I’d had my healthy fix for the rest of the week! Packed with nutrients and served with a dash of olive oil and sea salt, these vegetables really prove a point about the difference between organic and non-organic.


Next up, we were treated to a special main course, exclusively created by Chef Roland for the lunch. The kale with mackerel and lemon olive oil was light and really let the natural flavours shine through. The lemon really brought out the best in the kale too!


The fried vermicelli noodles with black fungus, carrot and cabbage was also a great addition to what has to be the healthiest and tastiest lunch I’ve had in a while.


So if you’re keen to try one of the only menus in Hong Kong that uses organic vegetables in their dim sum, this is definitely not one to miss. I have to say that you can really taste the difference in the vegetables, and knowing that they come from a sustainable and natural environment makes them taste even better!

KEE Club, 32 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong, 2810 9000, www.keeclub.com


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