25 June, 2013

Iyara – a new place to get pampered on Prince’s Terrace

25 June, 2013

The cool and eclectic Prince’s Terrace – one of my favourite streets in the Mid-Levels – recently became even more fabulous thanks to the addition of a brand new Iyara day spa.

Located about halfway along the quaint and leafy cul-de-sac, the newest Iyara branch is smaller than its Central counterpart on Cochrane Street; however, the setting is more idyllic and the treatment menu is just as extensive.

Keen to do some spa scoping (all in the name of research!), I swung by last week to receive the Essence of Iyara treatment, a package only available at Iyara’s Prince’s Terrace and Ship Street locations. This two-hour pamper session consists of a full body oil massage and specialised facial.

Carried out using products from Sundari, an organic anti-aging skincare line made with rare natural ingredients and essences, the treatment was luxurious from start to finish. The products smelt and felt exquisite – it’s a range I’ll definitely explore using further.

My therapist Ayara allowed me to choose my preferred oil before starting the Abhyanga (oil) massage, asking me if there were any areas I wanted her to pay particular attention to (answer: shoulders and neck!). Rhythmic and deeply relaxing, this massage technique works to rid the body of stagnant energy using varying levels of pressure, with a focus on restoring the flow of your ‘prana’, the life force that stimulates your body’s vital energy. While the massage did ultimately leave me feeling blissfully relaxed, the thin partitions meant I was able to hear a lady in the treatment room next door discuss her waxing issues (in-depth and at full volume). Slightly distracting…!

I’m guessing my neighbour’s waxing issues were resolved because things quieted down as the treatment rolled on and my specialised Sundari facial got underway. With the products used specially selected to suit my skin based on a personal ‘dosha’ assessment, the facial did more than just cover the bases. The cleansing was meticulous and calming, the exfoliation was thorough yet gentle, the extraction (which I specifically requested be included) was swift and painless, and the masque was both nourishing and soothing. Pressure point and lymphatic stimulation across my face and around my scalp completed the experience, leaving me with a fresh, radiant complexion. There were no red marks either – bonus!

I’m always on the lookout for skincare solutions to combat the effects of Hong Kong’s humidity and pollution, so following my treatment, Ayara talked through the Sundari line along with the other ranges stocked by Iyara, Dr Murad and Dermalogica. I liked the fact she was more informative as opposed to giving me the hard sell (an approach other spas often take).

All in all, I was thrilled with my treatment at Iyara and really impressed with the level of service from the Prince’s Terrace team. It’s a spa definitely worth making the trip up (or down) the escalator to visit!

The Essence Of Iyara costs $1650 for two hours, including a Sundari body massage and facial.

Iyara   5 Prince’s Terrace, Mid Levels, Central, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
2530 1666 

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