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Hong Kong: My Home


Philadelphia: Home to me always

I just got back from my US trip late Tuesday night and lucky for me the next day was a public holiday so I was able to chill out, get a massage and sleep away any jet lag I had. Now that it is time to go back to all things Sassy I just wanted to write a post about my time away and how it made me realize how much I do love Hong Kong.

I have been here for a year now and most days I absolutely love Hong Kong but then there are others where all I dream about is being home with my friends and family. Since I have been missing home a bit more lately I figured visiting family, friends and of course the mall was just the thing I needed to get over the homesick I felt for them. I couldn’t have come home at a more perfect time….I had Father’s Day, multiple family parties and a lot of nice quality time with my friends, parents and siblings. I even made room for multiple shopping trips (jewelry is the best thing to buy because it hardly takes up any room in your suitcase…I bought a lot of jewelry!) and some yoga here and there. The best thing about the whole trip was that I surprised my parents and to see the excitement and happiness on their faces when they saw I was home will be something I will never forget.

What I didn’t expect was to be so homesick for Hong Kong while I was away. It hit me as soon as I got to the airport in Hong Kong the day I was leaving. I was so excited to see everyone back in the States but for some reason I already missed the life that I have here and it made me sad to leave it even if it was for only 12 days. I think a good part of this had to do with the fact that I was going home alone without my husband but another part was leaving all the great friends that I have met here. My friends here have become part of my family since I am so far away from my own and even though I was going home to my family in the US I really missed the day to day interaction I have with my HK family (aka – my friends). Being home, the number 1 question I received from everyone was “How do you like Hong Kong?” and my response to them was “I love it” and it was always accompanied by a smile. I have no idea how long we will live here but for me Hong Kong has now become my home. I guess I will always have two homes, HK is my home now because that is what I want it to be and Philadelphia is my home because it will always be.

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