11 January, 2011

Introducing Aroxta

11 January, 2011

I sometimes find it amazing that in a city with so many stores I still struggle with finding simple accessories that add a bit of fun to an outfit. I know, I know, there are tons of places to buy shoes, jewellery and handbags around town but most of them are so darn expensive. I really miss popping into a store back in the US and picking up a new clutch or a pair of earrings that adds a bit of fun to a “going out” outfit. I have collected a decent amount of fun and colourful clutches over time but sadly since I arrived here in HK my collection has pretty much halted due to sticker shock of the designer brands. Of course, I could go with the philosophy that one quality clutch or piece of bling is all you need but what is the fun of that? I want variety and I want it at affordable prices.

Thankfully, we have met the ladies behind Aroxta, a new online boutique, which focuses on bringing you an extensive range of fashion accessories. Their items range from handbags (cluthes, shoulder bags and totes), jewellery (bracelets, necklaces, earrings) and various other accessories (ex: belts).

Prices range from about $500 for a bag to as low as $25 for a cuff. I own this $25 cuff (see below) that I speak about and I am actually so surprised by how many compliments I received on it. Of course, it is not something that will be a forever piece as it is only $25 but for now I am having fun with it and as I was debating over whether I should spend big bucks on a real gold cuff it has worked wonders as a trial piece in my jewellery box.

I know what you may be thinking….online boutiques are so hard to get an idea of look, quality and feel. I do agree but honestly at prices like this it is worth a try, right?!  I personally think you might like having something new to spice things up in 2011 without spending tons of cash.

Sassy Giveaway: Aroxta is doing a special Sassy giveaway. All you need to do is go to Aroxta.com and select your 3 favourite pieces (max in total should not exceed $500). Two girls will be selected at random and they will win their three selections! To enter the competition email your selections to [email protected]. The winner will be selected on Monday 17 January.

Sassy Discount: Aroxta is offering Sassy members 10% any purchase from now until 31 January 2011. Just enter SASSY10 upon checkout!

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