2 December, 2020
How To Celebrate Christmas In 2020
How To Celebrate Christmas In 2020
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How To Celebrate Christmas In 2020

2 December, 2020
How To Celebrate Christmas In 2020

Bring out the baubles and continue to the deck the halls – the holidays are far from cancelled. Here’s how to celebrate Christmas in 2020.

With all that’s been going on in the world over the year, we’re expecting a pretty unconventional Christmas to come. Sure, it might not be what we had hoped for, and there will be many of us unable to make it home for the holidays, but that’s not to say that we should hold back on the festive fun – we’ll just have to tweak a few traditions first. So trim the tree with extra tinsel, and wear your tackiest jumper right through to January – it may have to be socially distanced, but here’s how to celebrate Christmas in 2020.

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Baking Christmas Cookies

Prioritise Traditions

Think about what’s most important to you over the holiday season and come up with some ways that you can still incorporate your favourite traditions in spite of the limitations. Always decorate the tree as a family? FaceTime your parents and spend a cosy evening at home putting up Christmas decorations – you could even make a timed competition out of it! If you’re used to making reservations at your favourite restaurant, call up and check if they’re offering any takeaway options this year. We’re all prepared for this Christmas to be anything but ordinary, so use the opportunity to really pinpoint those meaningful moments and be open to making new memories.

Shop Early And Shop Local

We can safely assume that most people will be shopping online to avoid crowded stores this year, so if you’re looking to buy something from overseas, be prepared for shipping companies to be inundated and estimated delivery times to be severely delayed. Our suggestion? Avoid Amazon and look a little closer to home. Small businesses have been hit hard by the pandemic and are relying on your support to make it through to the new year. There is no better time than now to shop for stocking fillers; shipping times within Hong Kong are bound to be quicker, and you’ll find a treasure trove of cool, local products that trump ASOS any day.

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Spread Christmas Cheer

Looking to give back this festive season? There are endless ways that you can lend a hand and support Hong Kong over the holiday period. It’s more important than ever to spread a little Christmas cheer and help our local community end this year on a high note. Whether it’s supporting a small business, volunteering at a food bank, making a charitable donation or simply clearing out your closet to pass on to the Salvation Army, every little helps in building a brighter future for those less fortunate.

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Christmas Movies

Binge-Watch Christmas classics

Christmas events may be few and far between this year, so why not embrace the fact that you don’t have to shop for sparkly outfits or paints your face in makeup? Switch up the tradition and settle in for cosy evenings on the couch instead. Hot chocolate (and a deserved splash of Baileys), popcorn and chocolate boxes are on the menu this holiday season, coupled with fluffy dressing gowns, warm fairy lights and glowing Christmas trees. Home alone? Watch your favourite festive flick with loved ones around the world using Netflix’s free ‘Teleparty‘ feature that synchs your movies, enables synchronised playback and adds a group chat to the virtual party.

Bring Back Zoom calls And Christmas Quizzes

Remember back in March when Zoom was in its prime? We’d spend Friday nights hosting virtual happy hours and coming up with quizzes to play with friends and family some 7,000 miles away. Let’s bring that back.

A virtual Christmas is not ideal by any stretch of the imagination, but as we’re not able to hop on a plane to open presents in person, utilising technology is the best we’ve got. Arrange a time to instead jump on a call and open a few gifts, toast to absent loved ones and keep the call going over Christmas dinner.

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Book A Festive Feast

Whether you’re making plans to eat out or bringing the feast home, there is no reason to cancel Christmas dinner – the turkey will make it to the table one way or another! If you’re hoping to head to a hotel or your favourite restaurant, we’d recommend booking as soon as possible, as with the changing government restrictions and restaurants operating at reduced capacity, seats will be snapped up fast. Luckily, plenty of places are offering takeaway options complete with all the trimmings for you to simply reheat and serve come Christmas Day. Alternatively, if you fancy ordering some pizza and re-watching The Grinch for the 10th time this month, do just that.

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