Best Virtual Art Galleries In Hong Kong

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Art Central Online

We were all bummed to hear Art Central had been cancelled this year, but Hong Kong art fair is making up for it in a special way. Partnering with Artsy, it has built a digital catalogue of contemporary artworks which were due to be shown at its sixth edition. Updated daily and available online until Friday, 1 May, viewers can scroll through the collections of galleries from around the world and use the “view in room” function to see how an artwork would look hanging on a wall. Collectors interested in buying can bid in live and online-only auctions.

View the online collection here.

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Hong Kong Arts Collective

Hong Kong Arts Collective’s March exhibition, featuring over 40 local and international artists, is currently up on its virtual gallery. The online gallery will be updated to coincide with its latest exhibitions, so make sure you check back regularly. Unfortunately, the option to download and view the virtual gallery is only available on Windows. But Mac users can still learn about featured artists and view their works on the site.

View the virtual gallery here.

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ART Power HK

Initiated by cultural organisations within the city and hosted by the Asia Society Hong Kong Centre, ART Power HK is a collaborative campaign that aims to “maintain the momentum of arts in Hong Kong”. The online platform has partnered with a large number of galleries and art institutions to bring you pre-recorded and live-streamed gallery tours, artist interviews, studio visits, an online talks programme featuring local and international talent and more.

Check out the online platform here.

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K11 Art Foundation

Non-profit organisation K11 Art Foundation has had to temporarily close two of its exhibitions entered upon the global environmental crisis. Luckily, it has shared virtual tours of these two exhibits with us online. Click your way through the empty gallery space and tap each individual piece to view them “up close”. If you’re the type who likes to read the little plaques of information next to each art piece, you can zoom into those, too!

Take the virtual tour here.

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Google Arts & Culture

Thanks to Google Map’s (albeit a little creepy) satellite imagery technology, we are able to virtually walk through a number of museums around the world and view their collections on Google Arts & Culture. Institutions such as the Hong Kong Museum of Art and the Art Research Institute are inviting you to explore and browse through their collections. You can also find specially curated slideshows that offer a deeper insight into a wide array of subjects, from porcelain paintings to Hong Kong Street Art.

Browse the galleries here.

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Sotheby's Hong Kong

Last year, Sotheby’s Hong Kong presented four beautifully curated galleries online, showcasing a mix of modern, contemporary and Southeast Asian art. The interactive 360 degree experience allows you to virtually tour the exhibitions and browse through pieces that were on display at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre. We know it’s not the same as seeing the real art pieces in person, but these virtual tours come pretty close! Though the physical exhibitions have already passed, we think they’re still worth a virtual wander.

Take the virtual tours here.

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M+ Collections Beta

The M+ Collections Beta gives art-lovers a window into M+’s vast archive of 20th and 21st-century visual culture. With a growing catalogue of over 3,000 objects, the museum is working towards making its entire collection accessible online. You will find a mix of photography, visual art, design and architecture, moving images and more to scroll and click though, as well as information on each piece and its creator.

View the collection here.

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