9 July, 2019
How To Style A Small Bathroom
How To Style A Small Bathroom
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How To Style A Small Bathroom

9 July, 2019
How To Style A Small Bathroom

We’ve got a range of tips, from storage solutions to colour palettes, to help you make the most of your small bathroom.

We all know that our Hong Kong homes err on the small (read: tiny!) side, but while we can describe our bedrooms and living areas as “cosy”, the one room that can be a little harder to manage is the bathroom. Though luxuries such as plentiful storage and bath tubs may remain dreams for many of us, no matter how small your bathroom may be, we’re here to give you a helping hand with some practical and stylish tips to make the most of your space. From choosing the right colour palette, to what items to prioritise and the smart storage solutions you need, here’s how to style your small bathroom.

Minimalism Is Key

Even if you have a slightly more eclectic taste throughout the rest of your home, when dealing with a small space, it’s best to pare things back to keep it functional. Most of us won’t have a huge amount of surface space to play with, so try to keep surfaces clear of clutter, with only your essentials out. This will help with appearances and organisation, not to mention cleanliness!

Make Use Of The Walls

You may not have much floor or surface space, but an area you should definitely be making the most of is your walls. Don’t be put off if you’re renting and are not allowed to drill any holes, as products such as Command Strips are a god send here. The hooks (which can be found in JHC stores and most hardware stores across Hong Kong!) are perfect for attaching to the backs of bathroom doors to keep towels or dressing gowns out of the way. And the best bit? If you’re moving apartment or just want to move the position of your wall hooks, they come right off without leaving a mark! If you do have any cupboard space, command strips can also be used on the inside of any cupboards doors to keep things such as electrical wires out of the way – so no more tangled hairdryer wires!

And if you are able to do a little DIY and can install some shelves in your bathroom, we suggest opting for floating shelves. Even if only small, these can help to keep areas around the sink tidy – all you need is a place to keep your toothbrush out of the way, but still handy when you need it!

Put Your Laundry Away

Now that you have hooks to keep your clean towels on, you’re going to need somewhere for those that are ready for a wash. And we don’t mean the floor! It may seem pretty obvious, but a laundry basket is a must, and can also work as a decorative feature. We love H&M’s laundry bag, or you can opt for a wicker-style basket, which both H&M and IKEA offer at affordable price points.

Try A Bathroom Bar Cart

Yep, we love a bar cart. And while we normally use ours to display cute glasses, trinkets and booze, it’s also a handy way to organise your bathroom! Taking up little space, our favourite IKEA style comes in a range of colours and is super useful if your bathroom lacks cupboard space. Categorise each shelf and keep bulkier items such as towels or spare toilet rolls underneath, leaving room for key essentials, toiletries and make up (and if you have space, any decorative items!) up top.

Opt For Open Shelving

If a bathroom cart is not for you, but you’re still in need of some extra storage, we suggest opting for open shelving. It will not only help you keep things organised (there’s no throwing things in a drawer and forgetting about them here!), but you can also use it as a design feature. If you can’t spare the extra floor space, we like the idea of using a leaning ladder-style shelf to hang towels and other items.

Keep Your Shower Organised

Much like the rest of the room, if your shower is not organised, it’s going to look messy in no time and your space will feel much smaller and less pleasant to be in. If you don’t have inbuilt shelving in your shower, opt for a hanging shower caddy or get a free standing shelf to keep all of your lotions and potions together. IKEA again has us covered with this handy shower hanger, which can house all of your essentials.

Opt For A Neutral Colour Palette

As much as we would love to have brightly coloured tiles and patterned wall paper adorning our walls, in small, rented spaces, it’s always best to keep things a little more neutral. It will make the space appear bigger (and cleaner!), and can work as a blank canvas for adding a little personality – which leads us onto our last point…

Don’t Forget To Have Fun

Just because your bathroom is organised and neat, doesn’t mean it has to take itself too seriously. Add some fun and personality back into the room with accessories that are both functional and look good. It can be tempting to stock up on storage boxes, and an array of other nick-nacks, but it’s best to keep room for items that actually need to be there. H&M home is great for fun and affordable items. Whether it’s a bright bath mat or a patterned shower curtain, it always has us covered.

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