7 September, 2015

Hatton Studios – We Check Out The New Sheung Wan Space

7 September, 2015

Hatton Studios is more than just a jewellers…

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We all love an exquisitely crafted piece of jewellery, but how many of us really know the process and technique behind it all? Luckily here in Hong Kong we have Hatton Studios, one of the only dedicated spaces in the city for people to learn and practice the traditional skills of jewellery making, at all levels. Founded by the lovely Nathalie Melville, the hands behind Melville Fine Jewellery (see our review here and her stunning that bride feature here!), the studio is nestled in an alley in the middle of Sheung Wan. We popped in for a visit to learn all about what Hatton Studios has to offer.


We sat down with Nathalie, who is the co-course director herself, and she gave us a quick run-through of what the studio is all about. In a nutshell, it’s a space solely dedicated to learning the traditional craftsmanship of jewellery making, as well as a commercial launchpad for jewellers.


Apart from being a workshop, it also serves as a platform to connect jewellers together through a co-working space. Nathalie’s philosophy behind founding the studio is to “create a space that is available and accessible for anyone looking to learn the traditional skills of jewellery making. There is no formula, people can come in at their own time with their own ideas, and we build their skill sets and confidence along the way”.


What sets Hatton Studios apart from others is that they provide a space not only for students, hobbyists, and first-timers but also to professional, trained, corporate jewellers. There really is something for everyone! Those with advanced skills can rent a bench to work independently on their designs, but there are group courses available for all levels (see all courses here). If you’re looking to create something meaningful that requires a little bit more attention (i.e. bespoke wedding bands!) they also offer private courses.


As soon as you step into the studio, you really get a sense of respect and passion for traditional jewellery making skills. The studio is first and foremost a space to learn, but it also connects like-minded jewellers together in a creative community. We sometimes forget to appreciate that jewellery making is a form of fine art, and through Hatton Studios Nathalie wants to bridge that gap between product and craftsmanship. By having a space where people can come in firsthand to learn the process, the art of jewellery making is becoming more accessible and understood in Hong Kong.

Hatton Studios, 13/F Cheong Sun Tower, 118 Wing Lok St, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
(Entrance on Tung Loi Lane), 2857 7751


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