4 September, 2015

Travel Hacks For The Best Holiday Yet

4 September, 2015

If you’ve got a serious case of post-holiday blues, we’re here to pull you back up… by helping you plan your next vacation! We’ve put together a list of travel hacks especially for Sassy ladies looking to travel smart and, of course, in style.


1. Book your flights well in advance

It absolutely pays to book in advance. Flights from Hong Kong to Europe and the United States should be booked between two to two-and-a-half months in advance in order to get the best deals. You can afford to be a bit more relaxed for flights within Asia, with the optimal booking time around six weeks ahead of your trip.


2. Avoid the holiday booking blues

Stretch your dollar even further by picking the right day of the week to book flights and hotels. Hong Kong travellers can make the most savings when they search and book their flights on a Thursday, their hotels in Asia on a Friday, and hotels in Europe on a Sunday.

3. Hack your fares to save money

Two one-way tickets on different airlines may be cheaper than a return flight on the same airline.

4. Know the aircraft

A little insider tip: if you’re flying on a low-cost airline operating an Airbus aircraft to your destination, head for seat number A1. Then sit back, relax, and enjoy early service, extra legroom and a great view! On Boeing 777 long-haul aircraft, however, be sure to avoid the back rows – they’re noisier, closer to the toilets and crew galley, and have less legroom.

5. Dress to impress… and to get upgraded

Checking in early increases any chances of an upgrade, as there might be just a few seats in first or business class available. It also helps to dress tidily, be polite, volunteer to give up your seat so friends or families can sit together, or offer to be bumped to the next flight if yours is overbooked.

KAYAK - Travel Hacks - Glasses

6. Don’t get yourself in a twist

You’re in the air and ready to watch a movie or listen to some music. At this point there’s surely nothing worse than having to rummage around for ages finding, then untangling, your cables. Store your chargers and headphones in a glasses case to keep them tidy and accessible.

KAYAK - Travel Hacks - TV Charge

7. Is your phone charged?

Your mobile phone is your handiest travel companion, so keep that thing up and running! Charge it faster by putting it in Flight Mode, and download an offline map ahead of time for your trip so you can easily get directions without needing data (which will chew through your battery too). If you forgot your phone charger, you can connect your phone via a USB cable to the TV in your hotel room.

8. A suite, suite upgrade

Speaking of hotel rooms – why not try for an upgrade here too? The best thing to do is to ask. Politely, and honestly. It helps if you didn’t book the cheapest room to start off with. Keep in mind that the less busy the hotel, the more likely better rooms will be free, so if you’ve got your eye on the suite with a view, steer clear of big events, holidays and weekends.

9. Get the party started!

If your hotel room doesn’t have any speakers, grab a cup and put your mobile phone inside to instantly amplify the sound.


Top Tip: Use Trips to organise all your booking confirmations into an interactive travel itinerary that’s accessible from home, the office or on the go.

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