3 June, 2010
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Cat Store Cafe in Causeway Bay

3 June, 2010

Guest Blogger Kylene takes us to explore Cat Store Cafe in Causeway Bay – just one of Hong Kong’s quirky hang-outs that’s well worth a peek if you’re an animal lover like us!

The first thing I noticed when I stepped into Hong Kong’s very own cat café, Cat Store (online sometimes called Choco Cat Cafe), is the smell of cat rather than a cat itself. Take a few more steps in and you start spotting the adorable little ones.

I took a visit down to the Causeway Bay branch (there’s one in TST also, but OpenRice suggests this may have closed down) of Cat Store one weekday and met most of the 13 (yes, 13!) extremely friendly cats that live and wander around the small café. The setting is on the quiet and cosy side, nothing glamourous and you can expect a couple of scratched up couches too! But the concept is the cutest, if you are a cat lover of course. You get everything from cat shaped desserts, cat deco such as photographs, portraits and drawings, cat toys adorning the counter and of course, cats sitting on tables, snuggling beside you and sharing your seat or in my case, sleeping beside me while I had lunch and snap photographs.

Meet my lunch companion. It slept the whole time and only sleepily opened its eyes every time I sat down and gave me a look as if to say “Oh, it’s you again.” before returning to dreamland.

These cats are the laziest I have ever seen and they come in all sizes, colours and personalities and are not afraid of anyone! Visitors are welcome to take photographs (just no flash) and play with them although I tried to carry one and failed at my attempt. Definitely worth a visit for all the cuteness and for a break from the hustle of the city! Don’t forget to sign the guest notebooks on the tables before you leave!

The fattest and friendliest of them all.

I found a youtube video taken by some visitors to Cat Store to give you an idea of the cafe. Have fun and maybe let a cat sniff at your bowl of food too!

Cat Store
3D Po Ming Building
Foo Ming Street
Causeway Bay
2710 9953

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