16 March, 2015
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Green Vitamin – delicious, health foods you have to try!

16 March, 2015

Sometimes at Sassy we come across a company or brand that really has an impact on the way we live our lives. When Sammy and I were introduced to Green Vitamin, it really changed the way we thought about our health, nutrition and lifestyles… so much so that decided to share this amazing brand with all of you!



Simply put, Green Vitamin is an online store that stocks premium health foods. This isn’t your ordinary health food site though – the folks behind Green Vitamin are really passionate about what they do, and you can see this in the quality of their products. Both Sammy and I really felt that they had an extensive knowledge of nutrition and wellness, and it’s encouraging to see that they aim to improve nutritional education in Hong Kong as well as provide the products for leading a healthier lifestyle.

Green Vitamin first provided fresh wheatgrass and wheatgrass shots, but now have everything from probiotic drinks and coconut yoghurt, to kale chips and ‘cocoroons’. Green Vitamin is an absolute must for those looking to incorporate delicious, nutrient-packed organic food into their diets. I’m not a huge health buff (I’m too much of a foodie to follow a strict diet!), but the products at Green Vitamin taste so good and make me feel so refreshed that I will definitely be purchasing more of their goodies soon.


green vitamin probiotics

Green Vitamin’s latest product launch has been its ‘probiotic’ drinks. Not sure what a probiotic drink is (or does)? Neither was I. Probiotic drinks are fermented beverages that not only provide great hydration for our bodies, but also act as amazing aids for digestion. Packed with rich vitamins, enzymes, minerals and electrolytes, probiotic drinks are the new buzz in the health food world and regular drinkers claim to suffer less from illness in general. Green Vitamin uses natural probiotic sources to create different flavoured drinks. They taste a bit funny a first (an acquired taste!) and are slightly fizzy, but I really took a liking to the water kefir lemongrass and ginger one, which tasted a bit like a Mojito (of course that’s why I liked it).

Available from $448 for a 6 pack. 

green vitamin kale chips 2

Kale Chips
Green Vitamin have been producing kale chips for a while now, and rather than frying or baking the kale, they dehydrate it to keep all the nutrients in. I loved the different flavours which actually made them seem like real crisps… they even have a ‘Kalitos’ flavour which really does taste like a cheesy Dorito! They are surprisingly filling too, and you get bang for your buck as each packed is filled to the brim – the perfect healthy snack.

Available for $390 for a 6 pack.

green vitamin chooco cocoroons

Got a sweet tooth? I definitely do, so it’s no wonder these cocoroons were probably my favourite Green Vitamin product. These raw, organic treats, GENUINELY TASTE LIKE MACAROONS. This is not a drill. They are so delicious I was actually shocked! Chewy, sweet and packed with coconut, these filling bites are an amazing dessert substitute. My favourite was the strawberry, but the rich Ecuadorian Cocoa was wonderfully chocolatey and the cinnamon is oh-so comforting.

Available from $250 a jar.

green vitamin granola

Granola Bites
I’m not joking when I say these organic, raw granola bites are addictive. They are the definition of moreish and I seriously had to pace myself when tucking into them! The addition of the pecans makes this granola really stand out from others, and is evidence of Green Vitamin’s commitment to using quality products and ingredients. Each batch is handmade and I would love to get more of these scrumptious bites to use in indulgent yet healthy breakfasts.

Available for $180 per jar.

green vitamin meals you can make

Raw Coconut Yoghurt
Another one of my favourite products from Green Vitamin was the Raw Coconut Yoghurt. It’s dairy-free, vegan and made from fresh coconuts, producing a thick and creamy naturally fermented yoghurt. I could have easily eaten a huge bowl of this, but had to ration it out so that it would last… I also managed to try a spoonful of the new mango flavour which was divine. Add some granola bites to this yoghurt with banana and chia seeds (as I did in the image above) for a healthy, filling and delicious breakfast!

Available for $120 per jar.



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