3 October, 2013
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Green Little Frog – organic fruit & veg delivered to your doorstep

3 October, 2013

Despite being one of my favourite cities in the world, there are some things about Hong Kong that make me want to scream. One of these things is the supermarket; unless you go to the ridiculously overpriced City’supers or Greats of the world, you get hectic, overcrowded, narrow-aisled supermarkets where choice is limited but you still end up paying more than you should. Meat looks like it never came from an animal in the first place… vegetables have a shelf life of either about a day or far too long to be remotely healthy… and worst of all, you leave said supermarkets with stress levels at an all time high! Of course, we can go to the wet markets and buy cheaper, fresher veggies, but lazy bones like me rarely plan ahead and always end up going for the most convenient option.

In these sorts of situations, what’s more convenient (and headache-friendly) than getting fresh, organic vegetables delivered right to your door? Green Little Frog, a new Hong Kong based website, has hopped onto the scene to do exactly this.

green little frog bag

Green Little Frog is a family-run business that, like many others, wants to make a difference to the planet. However, what’s different about Green Little Frog is that they grow all their produce in organic farms in Thailand, using only organic soil, and clean fresh air and water to grow their fruit and vegetables. These are then packed up and personally delivered direct to your door within a mere 36 hours of being harvested.

On the day my goodies were delivered, I wasn’t at home, so the courier sent me a personal text message to let me know that the bag was on my doorstep – before I had even set eyes on the goods, I already knew Green Little Frog offered true, high-quality service (something that Hong Kong often lacks!).

green little frog groceries

The cute reusable bag (more points for environmental-friendliness!) that was waiting patiently on my doorstep was full of beautiful, colourful goodies, including aubergine, courgettes, sweetcorn, cherry tomatoes, Thai baby bananas, pineapple, avocados, lettuce, red cabbage and choi sum.

What you get in your Green Little Frog bag depends on what is fresh at the time of harvesting, so although this means you aren’t able to fully plan out meals before it arrives, at the same time it’s kind of like opening a present – you never know what you’re going to get! As soon as I laid out all the produce on the table, I immediately ransacked my cookery books, looking for inspiration for what to have for dinner.

green little frog salad 1

Eventually, it came down to a chargrilled asparagus, courgette, cherry tomato and Haloumi salad (adapted from an Ottolenghi recipe similar to this one) to accompany a garlic and rosemary roast shoulder of lamb, followed by a baby banana split with salted chocolate sauce (recipes created by my wonderful sous-chef!).

Meanwhile, I used the Little Gem lettuce, cherry tomatoes and avocados to prepare a couple of hearty salads for lunch the following days and generally had more than enough fruit and veg to get me through the week ahead, without having to fight the crowds at my local supermarket.

green little frog banana split

Nothing beats having delicious fresh fruit and vegetables at home, especially when you can be assured that they are 100% organic. You may still have to brave the supermarket aisles for other essentials, but be safe in the knowledge that, as far as organic fruit and veg are concerned, Green Little Frog has got you covered!

Green Little Frog fruit and veg costs $350 for a 3-4kg bag or $600 for a 6-7kg bag; these can be ordered as one-off deliveries or to come weekly over the course of the next 4, 8 or 12 weeks from ordering. Delivery charges also apply, see more details here


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