Getaway get the look: Paris

Alors, it’s that time of the week again… we’re escaping HK to get the look of another fun destination! Last week was Bangkok, this week PARIS!

Achieving the inimitable French style is not easy mes chéries… Some general rules to live by to achieve the French look are:
1) French women almost never wear prints. They choose block coloured garments in neutral or dark colours for easy mix-and-matching. This daytime outfit in nude and cream shades can be mixed up and accessorized in different ways, but will always look fresh and expensive.

2) A chic pair of flats can elevate a casual outfit. Be a little wary of ballet slippers as they can make your calves look a little chunk-a-dunk. A good way to avoid this is to choose a nude colour that will blend with your skin tone.
3) Always have a little something sexy… A top that slips down over one shoulder, a skirt that shows a toned flash of thigh, or a low-backed dress. Balance this with being very modest in all other areas – sometimes more is less, you know?

4) Black NEVER goes out of style, especially if it is figure hugging and good quality. Buy the best you can afford and see how you will wear it again and again. Try to keep from spilling your MacDo coffee on your outfit… not a good look.

5) Invest in good lingerie. It’s the little touches of luxury that only you know about that will put a swing in your step and a glint in your eye.
So, some little hints to achieve the Parisien style… Bon chance!
Top Image: The Sartorialist
Day Look: Ted Lapidus Sunglasses from Loveworn; Stella McCartney top from Net-a-Porter; Ted Rossi Bangles; Ballet Flats from H&M; Chloe bag; Topshop Skirt.
Second Image: Source Unknown
Night Look: Miu Miu Bra; Boy by Band of Outsiders Tank; Givenchy chain & feather bracelet; Lanvin Choker; Alexander Wang Skirt; Michael Antonio Gladiator Booties; Madame a Paris Purse.
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