25 February, 2011

Get Your Stripes On

25 February, 2011
Sassy Style Blogger Anh shares with us her tips for rocking fresh, bold stripes for the coming season!

It must feel like a million years ago since we weren’t wearing our winter woolies and black tights. Don’t get me wrong, it has been fun to get all dressed up in winter gear, but having come back from a visit to my hometown of Sydney, Australia where it was 40 degrees and everywhere you look, it’s all tanned skin, I can’t help but be excited and wanting to get right into the latest summer fashion.

One of the biggest trends that will be hitting this summer is big bold stripes. I have always loved stripes, mainly the more traditional nautical ones, but this year, it is about wearing clashing coloured stripes.

For me, stripes have always enhanced an otherwise plain outfit with zero effort. The stripes almost become the outfit accessory itself if worn correctly. This year, we are seeing big bold coloured stripes and Prada, Marc Jacobs and Jil Sander are leading the way in getting this message across.

Some tips so you can earn the right to wear your stripes:

1. Keep it simple – no need to have any additional accessories that will make you look like a crazed zany fashion victim.

2. Smaller stripes are chic and make you look slimmer, while bolder bigger stripes can help to hide bumps and lumps

3. Don’t be afraid to mix your stripes with florals, however do be careful that you don’t go overboard, make sure that one part of your outfit (trousers, bag) is a plain base so that your stripes mix in well.

By Anh Height

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