7 January, 2016
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Flamed by Chilli Fagara – Spice It Up With Modern Sichuan in Soho

7 January, 2016

Modern Sichuan food to share in Soho


Fans of spicy fare will of course know about Hong Kong’s infamous Chilli Fagara. This renowned Sichuan-style resto in Soho has been setting tastebuds on fire for years, amassing a set of dedicated regulars who keep coming back for more. If you’re one of these die-hard fans, then you’ll be pleased to know that Chilli Fagara has opened up a new concept at their old location on Graham Street, which offers a more modern approach to their usual spicy Sichuan food. One thing’s for certain though, the new ‘Flamed by Chilli Fagara‘ is still keeping things hot, hot, hot! 


Teaming up with Chew Chew Thean Yau, a man who has worked at the only seven-star hotel in the world (Dubai’s Burj Al Arab), the new Flamed by Chilli Fagara serves the same recognisable fiery flavours but utilises non-traditional ingredients. Think truffles, espresso and lots of grilled goodies… exciting additions you definitely wouldn’t expect to find at Chilli Fagara.





Flamed by Chilli Fagara stocks local Moonzen Brewery beer, which is handcrafted right here in Hong Kong. Choose from a selection of sustainable beers to wash down your food with, from a easy to drink ‘Thundergod Pale Ale’ to an unusual Chocolate Stout. We tried the dark Chocolate Stout which was remarkably rich with an intense, heavy flavour. It’s a great festive choice, although I’m not sure how well it complements the spicy flavours! We also tried the ‘Yama Sichuan Porter’, a strong, peppery brew which surely packed a punch. Definitely fun to start the night off with, but I’d stick to a good old Tsing Tao or something lighter and cool to help ease the spice levels…





If you like inventive dishes that are playful, pretty and pack a punch, then you won’t be disappointed by the wide variety on offer at Flamed by Chilli Fagara. We were treated to an absolute feast, tucking into bites of just about everything! Here are some of the highlights of our meal:


Great as a starter, these cubes of tuna and compressed watermelon are sprinkled with dehydrated pickled chilli crisps ($145) which are surprisingly firey! The contrast of the cooling watermelon and tuna, (which amazingly had very similar appearances and textures) against the heat was an exciting start to our dinner.


Another eye-catching dish that would be great as a slightly heavier appetiser was the crispy fried chicken with chilli mayo and dried chillis ($128). These indulgent bites of succulent chicken thigh coated in crisp batter were delicious, and tasted even better when dipped in the mayo.


Adding to the more ‘starter’ style dishes were the crispy eggplant bites which were smothered in eggplant puree and minced pork. The creamy topping on the crisp eggplant was a great texture combination, and these canapé style bites were welcome, non-spicy mouthfuls, giving us a little break from the heat.


I’m a huge fan of dumplings (who isn’t?!) and these chicken dumplings with red Szechuan peppercorn chilli oil were divine. The silky soft texture of the dumpling skin melted in the mouth, and the chilli oil gave the moist chicken a burst of flavour… my lips felt super tingly afterwards!


If you’re craving carbs these dandan noodles sous vide organic chicken, spicy peanut butter, chilli oil, peanut cookie crumbs and cucumber will surly sate your appetite. Warm, comforting and rich, tucking into a bowl of these nutty noodles would be ideal on a cold day.


Out of the huge selection of mains, my favourite were the chilli tiger prawns with douban chilli sauce, Chinese fermented rice wine and lychee wine. Despite being covered in a fiery sauce, the fresh, juicy prawns were so easy to eat and had an almost sweet flavour. Another main not to miss is the black pepper beef with crispy garlic chips and pink Sichuan peppercorn, which is tender and numbing.





If you love spicy Chinese food, then Flamed by Chilli Fagara is a must try. The playful twist on traditional Sichaun cuisine gives well-loved flavours a modern update, and the funky, colourful decor creates the ideal environment for a fun night out with friends. Perfect for anyone who’s looking for an adventurous, inventive meal!

Flamed by Chilli Fagara, Shop E, G/F, 51A Graham Street, Soho, Central, Hong Kong, 2893 3320, www.chillifagara.com; Flamed by Chilli Fagara is open Tuesday to Sunday from 4 pm to 1 am.

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