6 January, 2016

New Year’s Resolutions 2016!

6 January, 2016

What our Sassy Team hopes to achieve this year…

Can you believe it’s 2016? Last year flew by… and now it’s a great time to reflect on all the highs and lows and set some goals for the year ahead. Sit back, think about what you’d like to achieve in 2016, and go out and do it! Time to start afresh and take on the year with confidence, girls. Check out what our hopes are for the next year below!

Along with the typical goals of “exercise more” and “eat better” my resolution for 2016 is to spend more time being creative outside of work – I’d love to take up a new hobby like calligraphy at Kalo Make Art or jewellery making at Hatton Studios.

Shaneli D-SHK



This year, I have two new year’s resolutions. The first is from last year (which I clearly took action on!): take some refresher driving lessons. I have a license but I’m terrified behind the wheel! The second resolution is to get my finances in order, with an aim to buying a flat in 2016 (or 2017…)



I think my new year resolution is getting in touch more often with my family and friends that are far away. I miss them so much, and everybody gets caught up in the daily routines, but I want to allocate time for them. That, and a whole dry January!




More than a resolution, my aim this year is to make dreams into reality. Putting myself out of my comfort zone and trying the unexpected. Even if that involves baby steps like going on solo hikes  or making a new friend beyond than my group of girlfriends aka the board of directors of my life – since they don’t find my jokes funny anymore.




My resolution is to be fearless. To jump at new opportunities when they arise, despite my apprehension. Solo trips abroad, meeting new people and putting myself out there (despite my homebody-like status).


I recently re-read this article about living mindfully and it got me to thinking that this is exactly what I need to incorporate in my life in 2016. I have become that person we all know who pretty much is doing a million things at once which means I never give things my complete attention. So this year a simple thing I want to do each morning is look out at my lovely water view when I wake up and just take a minute (just a minute is what I keep telling myself – how can this not be achieveable?!) to appreciate my surroundings before jumping into hectic HK life. I feel like this small step to mindfullness may set the tone for much more to follow from there. Here’s hoping for a more mindful me in 2016!



I think my New Years resolution has remained the same every year for probably the last four years – “to start eating healthily”. Start being the operative word (there’s always another Monday). I’d love to be able to tick a few more travel destinations off the list and simply go with the flow more, Hong Kong can be a rat race – it’s time to slow down, girls! No, but seriously, the diet starts on Monday…

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