14 November, 2017
Train Like a Victoria's Secret Model With This 45-Minute Full Body Workout
Train Like a Victoria's Secret Model With This 45-Minute Full Body Workout
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Train Like a Victoria’s Secret Model With This 45-Minute Full Body Workout

14 November, 2017
Train Like a Victoria's Secret Model With This 45-Minute Full Body Workout

Runway Ready!


Victoria’s Secret sexier than ever fashion show is just around the corner and this year, its very close to home. The 2017 show is being hosted in Shanghai at the end of the month, and if you’re in need of a little motivation to get your booty as peach perfect as an Angel’s then not to worry, this easy step-by-step guide will have you runway ready in no time!

Before we start, remember that you have to train and eat for the body you want. Food and exercise together shape the body, they simply go hand in hand and is the fastest way to achieving your goals.

Some tips from Hong Kong F45‘s owner and instructor, Stevun Vongtongtip, are: “to drink no less than 2-3 litres of water per day, eat unrefined carbs such as chia seeds, brown rice, lentils and other nutritious goodies within 45 minutes after your workout, drink only black coffee (but best to avoid it after 2pm) and get your zzzz’s in, at least seven hours per night! Say no to mid-week drinkies and yes to an early lala land!”

There are six exercises in this Victoria Secret workout sequence. To get the best results, do five rounds of the entire workout sequence for one minute each, with a break of no longer than 30 seconds in between. Repeat this workout at least three times per week for a month. Strut, strut, strut!

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1. Love Handle Buster

Starting in the plank position with your wrists under shoulders and body aligned from head to heels, drive your right knee toward the outside of your right elbow by lifting your leg and bending your knee. Return to the beginning position, alternate and repeat.

The love handle balance buster works out your main core muscles and obliques (jiggly love handles be gone) whilst improving balance and strength in the shoulders and arms. There is also an aerobics component as you move your arms and feet to and fro.

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2. Bootyful Push Up

Find the force from within and take a big leap forward using your arms. Standing with your feet shoulder width apart, squat as low as you can until your bum is on the same level as your lower legs. Begin to walk (duck walk) two steps back and keep it as low low low as you can. Return to the start, repeat and feel the buuuurrrrnnnn.

3. Angel Core Cracker

Tighten your core as you work your obliques, arms and shoulders with these lateral shoot throughs. Start in plank position and turn to one side while holding your core and pointing your leg 180 degrees to the side with the other slightly bent, come back to plank position and do the same for the other side. Try being graceful, not to topple over and repeat.

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4. Runway Ready Abs

Lay on your back with hands behind your head and the soles of your feet flat together. Perform crunches by lifting your shoulders off the ground whilst bringing your knees to your midline. Tighten your core again, think about the sexy abs you’re building and repeat.

5. Phenomenal Plank Jack Pushups

Start in plank position with feet together and arms slightly wider than shoulder-width. Jump feet out wide and lower down and up into a push-up. Jump feet back back together, don’t give up and repeat! This will work your shoulders, abs and legs.

6. The Secret Leg Shaper

Get your heart racing and stand laterally beside a hurdle, you can use anything at home that resembles one – a Jimmy Choo shoebox? The boyfriend’s dumbbell set? Just as long as it gives enough height to jump over! Start by bending your knees and spring off both feet jumping laterally over the hurdle. Land on both feet with knees bent and repeat back and forth for as many reps as you can.

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Looking for a  great post-workout snack? These are some examples of what the Victoria’s Secret Angels eat after they’ve wiped off their sweat..

  • A cup of nuts mixed with dried fruits (no sugar added)
  • Low-fat yoghurt and a handful of cereal or grains mixed in
  • Two hard-boiled eggs and a few crackers
  • A couple ounces of grilled steak, chicken, or fish
  • High-quality, low-sugar protein shake (or bar)
  • Fruit, fruit, and more fruit!

Featured image credited to Victoria’s Secret via Pinterest

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