4 June, 2018
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Plogging: The Newest Eco-Friendly Fitness Trend to Hit Hong Kong

4 June, 2018

Everything you need to know about the newest Swedish fitness craze, plogging

Plastic bags account for over 50% of the 13,000 tonnes of waste sent to landfills in Hong Kong each day. Let that sink in for a moment…

Although we do what we can by taking our plastics and tins down to the recycling bins, saying no to straws when we order our favourite cocktail on a Friday night and bringing a tote bag with us to the supermarket, there’s an urgent need for us to confront Hong Kong’s plastic waste issue head on. And although we recognise that we can’t solve the issue over night, if we start small and start now, we’re making a difference. Which is why we’re so excited to give the newest, Scandinavian fitness craze, plogging a go, and we’re confident people all over Hong Kong will be too.

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Forget hygge, fika and lagom, this combination of ‘jogging’ and the Swedish phrase ‘plocka upp’ (to pick up) is a concept that involves picking up litter while you go out for a run. So, essentially no matter where you are in the world, you can help the environment and get in your daily steps (win-win!). Taking social media by storm, runners across the globe are documenting their plogging finds on Instagram, spreading awareness about our plastic problem and encouraging others to get involved for themselves. And as plogging “requires some bending and arm strength to hold all the garbage, a half hour of plogging will burn 288 calories on average – compared to just 235 calories from regular jogging.”

While we’re familiar with awesome initiatives like Hong Kong Cleanup and Plastic Free Seas, we’re always looking for new ways we can establish a waste-free world and promote the reduction of and awareness of single-use plastics in Hong Kong. And although we’re yet to see ‘official’ plogging groups established in our city, we’re optimistic that between all our hiking and sunny beach days, we’ll be picking up plastic and rubbish as we go, cleaning up our beloved city one outing at a time. Because whether you’re new to running or no stranger to the trails, all you need is your trainers and a rubbish bag – so why not give it a go? We’ll see you on the streets!

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